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Fair Fight? Spec Miata vs. Porsche 962

This may sound like David vs. Goliath, but a direct comparison reveals similar spirits.

Featured makes: Mazda | Porsche
Your Projects: Budget BMW Rallycrosser

What do you do with an extremely cheap and slightly rusty E30-chassis BMW?

Featured makes: BMW
Summer Tire Test: BFG Rival vs Bridgestone RE-71R vs. Dunlop Direzza ZIII

Can Dunlop’s latest hang with the frontrunners from Bridgestone and BFGoodrich?

Featured makes: Mazda
You Need This: The Return of the Elan

When Lotus announced the return of the Elan, many were surprised at its front-wheel-drive configuration.

Featured makes: Lotus
Learning From the Best: We Co-Drive With FCP Euro

FCP Euro is one of the most competitive teams in the American Endurance Racing series.

Featured makes: Mercedes-Benz
How to Pick the Right Gear Ratio for Your Needs

There are lots of ways to adjust gearing.

Get a Racing Psychology Lesson From Andy Pilgrim

Some of the best improvements you can make to your racing effort are those made to the driver.

You Need This: One of the Original BMW M5s

Who wants to own a BMW halo car?

Featured makes: BMW
An Electric Miata?

An electrical engineer goes to war against gas prices.

Featured makes: Mazda
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