nascar | brembo | brakes
How Will a NASCAR Cup Car's Brakes Handle Daytona's Road Course? We Asked an Expert

As soon as NASCAR announced that its big, heavy Cup cars would be tackling Daytona’s full road course this August, a popular question arose: How will the brakes do under ...

911 | 3d printing | Porsche
Need More Power? How About 3D-Printed Pistons?

Proof that we live in the future: Porsche has found out how to add 30 horsepower to a 911 GT2 RS by 3D-printing its pistons.

engine | Model
You May Have Built a Model Car Before, but What About a Running Miniature Engine?

Does building a smaller version of something make it easier or harder to build? Whatever the case may be, there's something fascinating about these model engines that actually run.

Your Projects
Your Projects: Meet Porky, the 914-Powered, Single-Seat Race Car

Porky may sound like an unfortunate schoolyard nickname, but it's actually the name of forum member Slow_M's new project.

Video: Are Dogs the Greatest Co-Pilots?

It’s easy to make a case for dogs being one of the greatest things on this planet, and most seem to enjoy going for a drive just as much as ...

Video: NASCAR Cup Car vs. Mercedes-AMG GT3 on the Daytona Road Course

NASCAR just announced a four-race weekend at Daytona International Speedway this August. The biggest takeaway? Three of the races will use Daytona's full road course. What will those races look ...

#FastFriday | camaro | Chevrolet | Hendrick Motorsports | Outback | Subaru | 944 | Porsche
#FastFriday: Will Hendrick Motorsports' Combined 1400+ Horsepower Guarantee Victory?

We’re announcing another round of entries accepted to compete in our Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge, the annual no-holds-barred track battle that simply seeks the fastest machines on four ...

Video: Meet Tyson Hugie, the Man Who Collects '90s Acuras

The only thing more impressive than Tyson Hugie's collection of clean, mid-'90s Acuras is the garage he keeps them in. Styled like a period-correct Acura dealership, the garage—and everything in it—might ...

Volkswagen | rabbit | GTI
After Getting a New Project, Is Detailing an Important First Step?

One of the best first steps to take after you acquire a new project is to detail it.

Column: What Ever Happened to the Speed Shops?

The modern day speed shop is rare due to sales over the internet, but the experience is sometimes worth the cost.

Your Projects | Volkswagen | beetle | Dune Buggy
Your Projects: Fixing Up A Long-Abandoned Dune Buggy

Many Volkswagen Beetles ended up being converted into dune buggies like the one forum user Saron81 recently picked up.

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