Florida | Death Trap
We Ride (and Survive) Death Trap, a Snowmobile Built for Florida

How do you make an all-terrain death trap? Start with a snowmobile, then replace the skis with wheels.

Bring a Trailer
How Bring a Trailer Became Today’s Auction Company for Today’s Auction Shopper

Bring a Trailer might not be the cure for Coronavirus, but it certainly makes shelter-in-place more bearable.

Hot Wheels
Are You Also Happy for Hot Wheels?

Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels? Exactly: no one.

Video: Nakajima and Ayrton Senna Wheeling the Honda Civic SiR Around the Track

Oh, you know, just in-car footage of F1 jockeys Nakajima and Ayrton Senna driving the Honda Civic SiR. VTEC, yo. Like what you're reading? We rely on your financial support. For as little as $3, you can support ...

SCCA | BMW | crash
After a Crash, Part 8: 60 Days After Destroying the Race Car and Building a New One, It's Time to Take the Green at the Runoffs

We didn’t just build a motor, we built a fresh race car for the biggest race of the year. The previous one had been destroyed two months before.

Solo Nationals | SCCA
Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals Registration Opening June 17

The SCCA will again present a tiered process for Solo National registration. Time to start stretching those fingers.

COVID-19 | shop
How to Operate a Shop While Minimizing COVID-19 Health Risks

A formal COVID-19 response plan that covers both staff and customers from Eclectic Motorworks.

rallycross | ranger | Ford | Your Projects
Your Projects: A Ford Ranger With Big Power, Big Meats and Big Ambitions

James O'Day is building a Ford Ranger tribute to the SCCA mini truck racing of the 1980s.

Video: Ride Shotgun in the Panoz GTR-1 and Then Meet Doc Bundy

Let’s relive the Panoz GTR-1 in two easy steps:  First, watch this in-car video and enjoy that 6.0-liter Ford V8–back when pro endurance cars had some chutzpah.  Then read Steven Cole Smith's ...

SCCA Track Night in America
SCCA Track Night in America Returning in June

Many of the SCCA Track Night in America events scheduled for June will take place.

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