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Performance Prescription: A Potent Rotary-Powered MG Midget

Like so many prescription stories, this one starts with a visit to the emergency room.

Featured makes: MG
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Over-Prepared Mustang

Our project Mustang has collected its fair share of CAM-C trophies. Here’s what it takes to win a championship.

Featured makes: Ford
A Fiat With a Little Secret

The original Fiat X1/9 was slow. John Soman solved that with a Honda engine and a supercharger.

Featured makes: Fiat , Honda
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A JDM-Powered Morris Minor?

When 30 horsepower is just not enough.

Featured makes: Morris , Toyota
Something Blue

Mike Maier’s 1966 Mustang marries classic pony car looks with modern NASCAR muscle.

Featured makes: Ford
Meet the ScAries

A K-car as a motorsports champion?

Featured makes: Dodge
Racing Minis: Then and Now

Luis Perocarpi and his family liked to go road racing. It was a little different from what we think of as road racing.

Featured makes: Mini
Following In Shelby's Footsteps: One Racer Trades his Roadster for a Coupe in Search of Speed

John George moves to this wild Factory Five Daytona Coupe.

Featured makes: Factory Five
History of the Turbocharger

How these turbocharged milestones changed our world.

Top 5 Favorite Track Day Cars

The best cars to track on Sunday and commute with on Monday.

Featured makes: BMW , Ford , Mazda , Porsche , Subaru
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