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Atom Imposter: Building an Ariel Atom Replica From Scratch

Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply recreate a proven design? GRM Challenge veteran Jon Winterhalter drew inspiration from the lightweight Ariel Atom and built this street-legal sportster from ...

Featured makes: Ariel , Kit Car & Replica
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Fair Fight? Spec Miata vs. Porsche 962

This may sound like David vs. Goliath, but a direct comparison reveals similar spirits.

Featured makes: Mazda , Porsche
An Electric Miata?

An electrical engineer goes to war against gas prices.

Featured makes: Mazda
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A Miata-Powered Ford Cortina?

Could it be the perfect vintage ride?

Featured makes: Ford , Mazda
Bad Bird: A GT-1 Heavy-Hitting Falcon With a Vintage Disguise

This boxy Ford Falcon Sprint is a strange bird in GT-1 competition.

Featured makes: Ford
Day-Care Dropouts: Family Haulers on the Tire Rack One Lap of America

What do a turbocharged Honda minivan and Semi-powered Jeep have in common? They competed in the One Lap of America and conquered.

Featured makes: Honda , Jeep
12 Cars That Raised the Bar for All Sports Cars

We share a dozen great sports cars from over the years which became icons that we now know and love, which one is next?

Featured makes: BMW , Chevrolet , Datsun , Dodge , Ford , Honda , Mazda , Mini , Scion , Subaru , Volkswagen
Supercharging Mazda’s New MX-5 Makes a Great Car Even Better

The most notable item on this car’s spec sheet is an Edelbrock E-Force intercooled supercharger kit.

Featured makes: Mazda
Tech Tips: 86, FR-S and BRZ

Our experts tell you how to get the most out of your GT86 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

Featured makes: Scion , Subaru , Toyota
Building A Winner: A Top One Lap of America Team's K-Series Miata

This K-Series Swapped Mazda Miata

Featured makes: Honda , Mazda
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