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Rise of the Sunbird: An Unexpected Drag Racing Champion

A Forsaken Pontiac Autocrosser Is Reborn With V8 Power for Our $2014 Challenge.

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Sibling Rivalry: Comparing BMW's M4, M2 and M235i

Which coupe is the golden child of BMW’s M-car lineup?

Audi , BMW , Mercedes-Benz , Opel , Porsche , Renault
It's A Ring Thing

The Famous 24 Hours of Nürburgring Is Part Feat of Endurance, Part Frenetic Festival

Dirt in His Veins: A Former Motocrosser Finds Thrills in Spec Miata

“Wide-open throttle is what wins races [in Spec Miata]. Where you get to wide-open throttle is more important than the minimum speed through a turn.”

Taking on the World Rally Championship With an E30

Bill Caswell invades the World Rally Championship with a 20-year-old BMW.

Upgrading a Toyota MR2 With Camry Power

This Toyota MR2 hides supercharged Camry power.

Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: V5-Powered Nissan

David Melton has brought more than a few Z-cars to the Challenge over the years.

Das Überwagon: James Clay's Turbo E36-Chassis Wagon

James Clay knows a thing or two about making BMWs go fast around a track.

Alfa Romeo
Faster Than the Speed of Rust

The world's fastest Alfa Romeo

Past Perfect

The Harvey brothers’ 50-Year-Old Datsun roadster is still a force on the national autocross circuit.

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