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Six Steps to Maximize Your Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions are crude, simple devices.

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How a Twin-Clutch Transmission Works

A gearbox for all drivers.

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Blueprinting Aging Fuel Injectors Can Extend Life and Increase Results

The first thing we do whenever we pick up an older car is go through the fuel system.

What Makes the Best Air Intake?

We built (and actually tested) different intake designs.

How to Modify the ND-Chassis Mazda MX-5: Tips From Good-Win Racing

We posed a simple question: What are the three most important modifications to make?

From the GRM Vault: Heavy Duty

Miata need more power? Take things to 11.

Tech Tips: Porsche Boxster

Can you live with an older Boxster?

Veggie Tales

Al Taylor intends to clean up with his soy-fueled racer.

Slippery Slope

Choose the correct motor oil for your application.

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