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Podcast Episode 40: "The Martian" author Andy Weir

Best-selling author Andy Weir talk about his "$2014 Challenge on Mars" epic sci-fi survival novel.

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Street Survival Guide

A crash course on avoiding crashes, from a student’s point of view.

Featured makes: BMW
New Maxxis Tire for Track Days

Running track events? Maxxis has a tire aimed at you: their new Victra RC-1.

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Keep Em Spinnin

Mario Bonfante doesn't know how to quit.

Featured makes: BMW
Podcast Episode 39: $2014 Challenge

Audio from our annual $2014 Challenge.

Podcast Episode 38: Warren Mosler of Consulier Cars

Ever met someone who started their own car company? Warren Mosler did, and he talks about it on this episode.

Pay It Forward

Passing your street survival knowledge on to the next generation pays dividends.

Podcast Episode 37: JG and David talk about auctions and future collectibles

JG and David discuss the auction scene, and future collectible cars.

All Sports Are the Same

Tips on how to succeed in autocross can be applied to pretty much any sport.

Featured makes: Dodge
Roughing It

Being left without a car is surprisingly tough in this day and age.

Featured makes: Nissan
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