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Podcast Episode 22: Lee Grimes of Koni Shocks

Lee Grimes of Koni Shocks talks about the shock industry and getting the most out of your adjustable dampers.

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NASA Approved: Bauer Catfish

The Catfish can now run in NASA’s Sport Touring ranks.

Starting Line: Driving in L.A.

Despite 30 years of figuring out the L.A. Basin, driving there is still a special experience that takes a special car.

Featured makes: BMW , Ford , Isuzu , Mazda , Porsche
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Podcast Episode 21: New York International Auto Show Part 2

We wrap up our New York International Auto Show coverage.

Povoledo Track Days: No Passing Rules, Just Right

Aaron Povoledo, a longtime pro driver, offers personalized instruction.

Mazdas + Math = Awesome

If motorsports had been used as the carrot, maybe more of us would have pursued a career in the sciences.

Featured makes: Mazda
Podcast Episode 20: New York International Auto Show

The inside scoop from the New York International Auto Show. And a chat with one of the fathers of the Miata.

Coming Soon: Tire Rack One Lap of America

The Tire Rack One Lap of America is just around the corner.

Featured makes: Porsche
Podcast Episode 19: Pro Racer Mike Skeen

Pirelli World Challenge racer Mike Skeen talks about his path to the pros.

Podcast Episode 18: Dumb GRM Stories Volume 1

Our editors sit around and talk about some of the dumb things we did.

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