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How To Install Anchors for Your HANS Device

Installing the anchor points for a HANS Device isn’t all that difficult. It just takes some careful measurement and some patience.

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The Difference Between Street Brakes and Racing Brakes

Street or track? The Ford GT’s brakes change with the specific mission.

Before Heading Back to the Action, Take a Good Look at Your Safety Gear

As the racing world comes back online, bit by bit and likely with some new rules, here's a question to ponder: Is your gear ready?

Are Wheels a Wear Item? Yes, They Are

Did you know wheels are a wear item? We talk to Scott Weiss, marketing director at König Wheels, in order to make sure a little problem doesn’t become a big ...

How to Operate a Shop While Minimizing COVID-19 Health Risks

A formal COVID-19 response plan that covers both staff and customers from Eclectic Motorworks.

After a Crash, Part 5: A New Roll Cage for the New Race Car

While working on the car, Hi-Speed notified me of some alarming news: My cage was not fully welded together.

After a Crash, Part 4: Building a New Race Car From Scratch

After deciding to start a fresh race car build with only 57 days out from the Runoffs, the search began for a new E46 M3 shell.

After a Crash, Part 3: Seeking Justice

Racing has its own judicial system, the 700-page document called the General Competition Rules. If you break the GCR’s laws or rules, the sanctioning body has a system in place ...

After a Crash, Part 2: The Day After the Wreck

Crashes happen and most race cars are repairable, depending on the amount of damage. When a severe crash happens, sometimes it is easier to start over than it is to ...

After a Crash, Part 1: Three Types of Wrecks

Everybody knows motorsports is dangerous. Even if in the back of their mind they hope it will never happen to them. You can do it all right, but if you ...

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