Your Cars: Rally-Ready M3/4/5

Nick Drymalski’s (on our forum as 95maxrider) BMW M3 build can be called a necessity of sorts: A tractor trailer rear-ended his previous rallycross car, an E28-chassis 5 Series and, obviously, he needed a replacement. That replacement, a four-door 1998 BMW M3, came from a fellow autocrosser.

I wanted the sedan because it’s much easier to get wheels into the back seat,” Nick posted in his build thread on our message board back in 2015. The M3 already sported some speed parts, though it had also accumulated some higher miles: 220,000. Selling price was just $4000.

Toward the end of the initial rallycross prep, Nick encountered a problem: an inch of toe-in on the right-rear corner. The estimate for the frame repair came in around $2500, clouding the project’s future. The eventual solution took a more budget-friendly approach with Nick’s friend Brian extending and reinforcing the stock trailing arm bracket.

The suspension fix, combined with a fresher engine, JVAB rally suspension and 15-inch knobby tires, pulled the project together. “Anyways, for the first time ever (with this car), I actually had a total blast driving the car all day long,” he posted in April 2018. “It was a 14 hour day all in, and there wasn’t a single problem with it. The car was perfect on course and pretty nice on the road, and all the work from the last 2.5 years getting the car up to snuff finally paid off.”

Since then he’s been working on making the M3 prettier and faster, updating the GRM community along the way.

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irish44j MegaDork
10/28/19 9:46 p.m.

He encountered another problem last weekend, breaking his clutch linkage on a double-event weekend. Did manage to drive it home 120 miles with no clutch though :)

Sorry Nick, I can't resist....


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