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Honda content on Grassroots Motorsports

Honda Articles

Shop Work: Win on Sunday, Carpool on Monday

Is It Possible to Balance Family Responsibilities With Fun?

Drivetrain: What's the Diff?

Three differential approaches, three different answers

Shop Work: Bottle Rockets

The evolving sport compact wars give three new contenders a chance to shine: MINI Cooper S, Mazdaspeed3 and Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V.

Shop Work: 20 Fuel Sippers We'd Gladly Drive

What if we told you that there's a bunch of fuel-efficient vehicles out there that are actually fun to drive?

Shop Work: Your Mileage May Vary

Our Smiles-Per-Gallon Shootout Asks Whether It’s Possible to Combine Fuel Economy With Performance

Shop Work: Boneyard Brigade

Shopping for high-performance parts in the junkyard

Shop Work: Soccer Moms' Revenge

Compared against the supercars of years past, even the most mundane vehicles of today--like the much-maligned minivan--offer surprising performance.

Shop Work: All Hail the King

Meet the Hong Norr team’s $2007 Challenge entry, a Honda Civic-based homage to Richard Petty’s Superbird.

Shop Work: It's Just Metal

Crabill Racing’s “Shock and Awe” $2004 Challenge CRX

Shop Work: Driven

Becoming a real, live race car driver

Shop Work: Stop! 10 Tips for Safe, Sure-Footed Brakes

Top 10 tips for reliable and optimal braking performance.

Shop Work: 25 Choice Challengers

25 Groundbreaking Challenge Cars

Restoration & Renovation: Junkyard Jam

Hopping up your car with salvage yard parts

Shop Work: Dirty Dozen

12 easy project candidates

Shop Work: Track Rat

We got our Project CRX ready for the track in the span of about a week.

Tires & Wheels: Top Tires

A new year brings a new crop of hot street rubber

Columns: Starting Line: So NOW What Am I Going to Do?

Look back as Tim, our publisher, gets nervous about having his first child.

Product Reviews: Sounding Off

Making the Most of Your Exhaust System

Drivetrain: Breaking In

Before Taking Your New Race Car on Track, You’d Be Wise to Properly Break It In

Suspension & Handling: Track Diet

Weight is the enemy of speed, as it makes your car more sluggish in acceleration, braking and handling. Get down to fighting weight with our 10 mass reduction tips.

Features: Many Cars, One Lap

We attempt a season of racing in one week.

Columns: A Bad Run of Luck?

If you spend a lifetime around cars, you are going to lose a few engines.

Product Reviews: Vintage Views: Honda CRX Si

Once a common sight, the original CRX Si has become a modern classic. Buy yours now before there are none left.

Podcast: Podcast Episode 8: Champion Autocrosser Andy Hollis

We talk with the renowned programmer and autocrosser about the two worlds he's excelled in.

Features: Civic to Subaru

How to transform a Honda sedan into an all-wheel-drive Subaru Impreza homage in 555 easy steps.

Features: From the GRM Vault: Brake on Through

How proper brake pads will shorten lap times.

Columns: It's All About the Timing

At what point should you call it quits on a high-mileage appliance?

Features: Street Fight

An overview of the best cars for SCCA's Street Touring autocross class.

Features: 25 Feature Presentations

In 2009 we celebrated 25 years of the magazine with a countdown of our 25 favorite feature cars to date.

Shop Work: Dialing In

It's those last few tweaks that separate a top effort from the rest of the pack.

Tires & Wheels: One Hot Lap

Extreme performance summer street tires hit the track for a good old-fashioned texas shootout

Tires & Wheels: Street Tire Shootout

Shots fired: Another year means another crop of extreme performance tires to test.

Features: Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: Hot Wheels CRX

If you collected die-cast cars in sport-compact's heyday, this CRX might look familiar.

Tires & Wheels: Street Tire Shootout: Class of 2016

Is revised construction or a wider size enough to overtake last year’s reigning rubber on track?

Features: Down the Hatch

We can hear the head scratching already: “That’s a funny-looking Civic.”

Features: From the GRM Vault: Silver Bullet

Three friends find that the Honda CRX still makes an awesome race car.

Features: From the GRM Vault: Oddballs of Autocross

In the sport of autocrossing, sometimes different really is good.

Features: From the GRM Vault: Gravity Kills

Breaking the 1g barrier in a Honda del Sol.

Features: From the GRM Vault: Cruisin' USA

One Lap of America: The Racer’s Ultimate Road Trip

Buyer's Guides: Siren Song: 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si Buyer's Guide

The last gasp of a golden era of sporty compacts.

Features: KMiata

Does Honda power create the perfect Miata?

Features: The Beast of Both Worlds

Meet the S2002, a winning combination of Honda and BMW components.

Features: A Fiat With a Little Secret

The original Fiat X1/9 was slow. John Soman solved that with a Honda engine and a supercharger.

Features: We Drive the Honda S660: Be Careful What You Wish For

Since its release about two years ago, Honda’s S660 has been the darling of the online world.

Buyer's Guides: Vintage Views: Honda Civic Si

Back when VTEC was oh so new.

Features: Rage Against the Rule Book

Autocross advantages so on target, they became illegal.

Features: A "Shock and Awe" Approach to the $2000 Challenge

It's part Honda CRX, Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette and Chevy work van.

Features: Inside the Wacky World of Skid Plate Racing

If Michael Bay created a racing series in his backyard, we think it would look something like this.

Buyer's Guides: Vintage Views: Honda Beat

This JDM icon is now legal in the U.S.

Features: Building A Winner: A Top One Lap of America Team's K-Series Miata

This K-Series Swapped Mazda Miata

Features: 12 Cars That Raised the Bar for All Sports Cars

We share a dozen great sports cars from over the years which became icons that we now know and love, which one is next?

Features: Day-Care Dropouts: Family Haulers on the Tire Rack One Lap of America

What do a turbocharged Honda minivan and Semi-powered Jeep have in common? They competed in the One Lap of America and conquered.

Features: Best Cars of the '80s

A mix tape of our 16 favorite sports cars from the decade of acid-washed denim and adventurous design.

News and Notes: Return of the R

The Type R Badge Returns, This Time Attached to a Fortified Civic

Honda Forum Topics

Getting Honda brake rotor screws out easily

Motor-swapped Civic - how do these get through emissions inspection?

[KY] Rust Free 98 Civic Hatchback DX. B20-ITR LSD trans

RSX as a rallyx pig

94 Civic $400

Z31 300zx VG30ET donor or race as is Maxima turbo 3.0 L

Brake dragging mystery

Honda Battery Issues?

I start to race in KARTCROSS

FS/FT 93 Civic hatchback with built B20vtec located in Austin TX

Nano oils, any good?

FS: 2002 Honda Civic Si $4000 Washington DC area

Noob life - BEST budget build for entry into the sport

1978 Honda Civic CVCC

Track S2000 for sale -project

'03 Civic Hybrid - Mine, etc.$2K

1991 Honda CRX DX $650

Best Honda Accord ever, and it's for sale!

1989 Honda Street microvan - Portland, OR

2002 Honda S2000, $10k - NMSA

Silver S2000 for Sale

1967 Honda S600 $15k, WI

FS:4cycle White Chassis,kart stand, extra bodywork

GRM $2016 Challenge Build - 91 Honda CRX DX

Honda J series thread. Tech Info

Kart Garage clean up

Nissan Frontier V.S. Toyota Tacoma

'88 CRX Shell with Horrible Cage! $350

FS: 1995 Honda Del Sol B16A3 (OKLAHOMA) $5500

Thinking Honda thoughts...

One of my Hondas should be sold off. I can't decide which.

Best place to sell an all motor 10 second Civic drag car?

As much as I hate to admit it (Honda Content)

1978 Honda CB750 K8 - NY $2015

Learn me: what tires?

A sinkhole tried to eat this Honda Accord (Possible $2016 Challenge contender?)

2012 Victory Kart W/ Briggs and Stratton 206

Engine for a 96-00 Civic: Turbo D16 vs. B20 swap

Honda "Project 2&4" concept: Wheeled missile with a seat strapped to the side

93 Honda del Sol - Mine

K24 2001 Honda Insight. The jack of all trades.

I refuse...

94 Integra GSR

FS: 2008 Honda Civic lx - $,8000

What is it worth - Honda Civic content

ALMOST NEW - 949Racing 6UL Gen4 Tungsten 15x8 / Toyo RR 225/45

2001 Honda Civic EX 2 Door 5 Speed Manual_OHIO

1998 Acura Integra

Hodgepodge Honda..... The chronicles of an XR75 resurrection

FT/FS: 2006 Mazda 5 (5 speed Manual) Get your The Millenium Falcon!

FS: Kart Parts/Engines: Kt100 WKA Sr. Pipe with Starter, KPV complete,

Negative Camber vs Sway Bars: Which one?

HARBOR FREIGHT COUPON For Haul Master 1195lb Capacity 4x8ft Foldable Trailer

2008 Honda Civic Strut Creaking


Coworker help #1 - 1989 Honda Civic LX D15A1 issues

Stiff track suspension for CRX si???

Need Honda help - 89 Civic LX D15

Honda D15 High Compression Build

Honda CB750 Cafe Bikes

Learn me: claims and body shop

2007 Civic Si Race Car For Sale (Stl, Hc, Pt) - Reduced!

Honda S660 specs and drawings leaked: Brace for awesome!

a trivial trivia question for the Honda experts!

Berk me!

FS: Goodyear Ultra Grip WINTER/SNOW Tires

1996 Acura Integra Performance boost questions.

I am a failure as a mechanic and I broke every socket I own...

Learn me 89 Honda Civic / D15B2

FS:Vertical Upright Kart Stand

FS: Mychron 4 Tach

What's a nice 2000 Honda Civic Si worth these days?

1990 Honda Accord EX, Auto, with spares - $500 in Ohio

Honda accessories and HPD parts - how long have I got, d'ya reckon?

ECU blues, 1994 Honda civic del Sol DOHC VTEC (B16A3) needs help!!

Trackmagic Shifter kart with CR125 5 spd complete package $1999 in WV

FS:Margay, Birel, Clone, and L0206 karts

Oil in my brother's Crapcord

Question about K&N filters and the alternatives

Honda people I should trust in Atlanta?

FS: 2005 Margay 1.4 race kart

FS: One man Kartlift stand

1987 CRX Project car w/CRVtec

Birel R32 Race kart, Parts, ect...

90 civic si tach problem! any help would be appreciated

Honda Civic rebuilt engine worth it?

For Sale: H&R Springs coil over set - Honda & Acura

Honda del sol Pls help... >_<

Someone tried to carjack my friend's handicap-equipped van (tried...)

Kart Parts, Rims, Seats, engines, helmet and Bodywork

Kart Parts, Rims, Seats, and Bodywork

FS: '89 STC Honda Civic Si (SCCA STC Autocross car)

Parting Out - 1989 Civic DX

FS: 3 coyote karts 5 Briggs engines

'85 Prelude SI

90' CRX HF (Central IL)

Happy Holidays Free stuff

1987 CRX Si $1900, NMNA, near Portland

FS:Complete HF Clone Engine & Vega Helmet

190 M.P.H. Crash during Land Speed Record Atempt

Finding the right wheel fitment

Honda building new Beat-like and AW11-like cars! Not kidding!

FS/FT: 2013 KIA Forte SX

crx with full jdm b16 $1250

Cheapest form of Racing! Race kart Biesse W/ Clone

Difference between rectangular & round headlight DC2s?

FS: 1988 CRX Si

For my '76 Civic an awesome D16Z6 for free!

1982 Honda Shadow

2000 Civic HX SF East Bay

Honda Insight or Civic Hybrid?

1997 Honda Accord Lx Coupe 5-speed

The "Golden" Power/Weight Ratio

S2000 wheels

EG Hatch $900

'86 Honda Civic Si track car - Denver, CO

1988 Honda Civic STD

SC - 96 Civic Dx $1000

2010 Honda Power locks sticky and nonworking.

Future car culture?

FS: MISC karts parts feel free to make offers

FS:Mychron 3 W/Accessories & Alfano Tach

Cheap seat sliders

C4 has begun! Cross Country Car Challenge

2008 Biesse Kart $1200

Honda Gear

Quick IRS audit question

Sexiest car for under $10k?

Ye Olde' Honda CB750

Civic Si: EF, EG, EM1, or ... swap?

fs: Complete Birel Kart Package with spares

Stand-up scooter project

1989 Honda CRX Si

Trailer Hitch & cargo net/cargo cover

Details on the 2013 Civic emerge as dealers are warned to dump all of their 2012's...

CL FInd: $1500 Rallycross Prelude in MA

GRM Review: Honda Fit Sport

PM5/DPFI Tuning?

700hp electric S2k project

WTB: 73-79 Civic Wagon knuckles

[NC] Rebuildable FJ20E and transmission

Talk me down - CR-Z

And the digs on the '12 Civic just keep coming... CR says to avoid

Wheels for sale - S. Fla.

Autocross question: stock class EF civic

GRM Review: Speaking of appliances...

Honda CT90 cafe racer project

The Honda S600 has arrived home

Honda CRX Si Tire/Wheel Size

Honda CRX Si Tire/Wheel Size

Ride along with GRM at One Lap

Clean 1987 CRX Si For Sale

GRM review: Honda Civic Si

Breaking in your race car: new online article from the archives

Birel M31 PRD tag kart W/ enclosed trailer

Grand Prix of St Pete

Product review: Mufflers and sound limits

so i've got this del sol...i'll wait for you to stop laughing

Gearhead Shirts - Presales! Free US Shipping!

EJ6 to EK9 Build*PIX*DIY*RHD*



Good source for used late model Honda parts?


Supercharger, CIS Fuel Distributor, Honda ZC tranny, Etc

What to look for in a CB400

What a difference 30 years makes

Honda set to release 2012 Integra!

1989 Honda Hawk GT, "Miata of sportbikes", $2011/trade GRM ONLY

Honda part number gurus?

Honda S800/S2000 Generations Shirt

Learn me: Honda Prelude

FS: Birel AR4 Kart W/ Clone $450

Birel Ar4 125cc Sr Rotax Max Tag kart

A Honda travels wrong way on freeway, crashes his Geo

Someone please reel me back in!

Just bought a 75 Honda Gold Wing - Won't Start

Help troubleshooting 1994 Civic

'97 Honda Civic Shell $875

New DGauge now available!

Challenge priced civic shell

Learn me turbo D series (Hongs?)

2 piece AGV Sport leather motorcycle suit

92 civic engine swap

Honda Civic Toe Adjusters

Honda B-Series Header

Gearhead Shirts - Roll United for Japan Shirt

$2011 N600 - West Coast Challenger

FS: Mike Wilson 4 W/ BSP Clone

FS: Honda/Acura parts, Rad house, Misc kart parts

2 full face helmet Sa2005 $15 M2000 $20

2 race suits starting at $1.00

92 Civic VX

To replace all bushings on DD or not.

Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel & Pedals

Read shock is hosed on 07 Si.

New car review posted on the main page.

Andy & Ann Hollis' One Lap CRX

Videos I found from my back-ups.

Honda Odyssey engine mounts

FS: Mike Wilson 4 W/ Briggs World Formula

The most impressive 2 minutes of TV ever.

3rd Gen Integra Brake components

Wanted: 4th Gen Honda Civic/CRX (88-91 I believe)

Look what followed me home

$250 Goldwing project

Need Help Del Sol

Nismo Racing seat

GRM project CRX

Fit as a fiddle

Roller CRX with parts for $700 (Wisconsin)

Point me towards upholstery how-to's?

FS: Ultrashield race suit SFI 3-2a/5 XXXL

750+hp 2002 Chevy Camaro vs. 1989 ITA Honda Civic Si


MaxAttack Team NW!

Tint Removal

Honda Pilot - cracking paint

What is this worth?

Shedding more weight

Hondata S200 w/boost & P28 ECU

how bad of an idea is it to make a RWD 'busa powered 1g CRX

Seat swap questions (EF Civic to CRX)

B16A oil

2003-2010 Grassroots Motorsports Back Issues

FS Margay W/Yellow Box Stock $700 obo

91 civic wagon b16a swapped

'74 CB360 seat

89 crx $750 fairfield ct

Honda b16a1 motor, ecu and msd ignition $650

Newest project, and a sway bar question.

Hard Dog Rollbar Photo Request

h22 civic axles.

Ground Control

NASA-SE: Spring Brake, Apr 10-11, NCCAR

Hong Norr @ 24 Hour of Lemons

1989 SCCA ITA CRX for sale

CRX Kill Switch

Track Rat not GRM?

CB750 DOHC carb swap?

Hot G Stock car this year?

Free 1st Gen CRX in Warner Robins, GA

What's it worth? Nice 87 CRX HF- D15B4, dual side draft Kiehins, header, rear sway bar

b18 civic hatch parts car

Look at what $27,500 can buy these days

Honda ('05 Civic) Alternator / Charging troubleshooting

FS: Honda S2000 AP1 wheels/tires $250 OBO --- Central,FL.

CRX stuff

Can anyone say FAIL?

Tasty 91 civic hatch in toronto

Need a GOOD shop in the ATL area

electronic/nav ?

CT-90 Honda Trail Pics

Honda cv problem

Bead Blasting Rims

FS/FT 2001 Suzuki Esteem 5 speed

Where do I find a Goldwing engine?

2002 Civic Si in North Idaho

Texas A&M Howdy Civic Build/Pictures

1991 CRX, 148k miles, Black, DC/Baltimore, $1200

1989 Civic wagon RT4WD, $1200

Help make my accord fun

Honda Civic Charging Light

Early Scirrocco Radiator Dimensions .

Interesting Honda on eBay

CV Boot Torn ?

1995 Acura Integra Died, Won't Start, No Spark

Cycling AC?

Troubleshooting challenge

Totally Tubular

Honda Readers' Rides

Nov 30, 2010

dennisg: 1941 Honda with buzz bomb

Nov 30, 2010

I could not figure out how to delete this accidental entry. So I have loaded the most interesting car photo that I could...good for a laugh at least...and I might ...

Aug 22, 2009

16vCorey: Honda '71 CB750K1

Aug 22, 2009

This is a crappy old picture of it. I'll try to update this soon.

Jul 16, 2009

ww: 1999 Honda '99 Civic EX (VTEC is like turbo yo!)

Jul 16, 2009

This is the best picture I currently have of my daily commuter. Unfortunately, I can't leave well enough alone. When I "inherited" this from my wife that needed a four ...

Apr 25, 2011

gamby: Honda '99 Civic Si

Apr 25, 2011

All the bolt-ons, Koni yellows, Neuspeed springs, ST rear sway/tie, Exedy clutch/flywheel, camgears, V-AFC, Del Sol seats, etc... occasional auto-x and less occasional HPDE car. Love it like it's my ...

Jul 11, 2010

snibborddot: Honda 1985 Civic Racecar .

Jul 11, 2010

This is my 1985 Honda Civic roadracing car that I have converted to H-Production from Improved Touring C .

Dec 31, 2010

VitaminJ: Honda 1986 Civic Hatch Si - new video

Dec 31, 2010

I built up the EW3 engine from my '86 CRX Si that was totalled. It's got high compression pistons from a 1989 Integra, a big cam regrind from Webcams, and ...

Aug 21, 2011

irmechanic: Honda 1989 Civic

Aug 21, 2011

Originally a Honda / Michelin racecar from way back in the day. Has been racing all it's life. I've used it for road-racing (mostly), one hillclimb a year and the ...

Apr 09, 2010

crxrx7: Honda 1989 CRX

Apr 09, 2010

Dixie Region Team Screaming Tomato

Oct 11, 2011

lastresort576: Honda 1994 Del Sol S

Oct 11, 2011

Engine/Transmission D16Z6 -Bored .020 -Eagle Rods -Clevite Bearings -balanced rotating assembly -JE 75.5mm 9.0-1 pistons W/ pro seal rings -ARP head studs -Stock Z6 head -Commetic .051 HG -chipped/converted p06 ...

Mar 26, 2012

jddeadfuelpumps: 1995 Honda 4-dr 5-spd/LS EX

Mar 26, 2012

My perfect daily commuter-everything works-A/C, windows/roof/locks/mirrors, very nice interior, good power steering, good ABS. 20 extra horses still gets me 32mpg, pass emmisions, and temp gauge won't pas 1/3 no ...

Dec 22, 2010

raddad: Honda 86 Prelude 2.0 Si

Dec 22, 2010

I picked this car up from an old friend of mine 3 years ago. He was the original owner. 213,000 plus miles on the clock and still runs like a ...

Aug 17, 2010

Fritz_the_Cat: Honda Accord

Aug 17, 2010

1993 Accord LX Coupe, with AEM CAI, DC Sports Ceramic 4-2-1 header, Magnaflow SS exhaust, Russell SS brake lines, Motul 5.1 brake fluid, Motegi FF-6 17" wheels, Wanli S-1099 tires, ...

May 17, 2011

RHGallagher: 1979 Honda Accord

May 17, 2011

Orignal idea - First year Sedan Version of our favorite, steady, smooth ride

Oct 16, 2010

RayTheTuner: 1996 Honda Accord EX

Oct 16, 2010

1996 Accord EX R34 Style Body Kit, 2 1/2 inch stainless steel Exhaust By Greddy Butter Scotch Leather ,DVD ,Tokico Suspension, RIAX 17" Rims Spakes Match Vehicle Paint Sherwood Green

Nov 11, 2014

beans: 1997 Honda Accord LX Coupe

Nov 11, 2014

Autocross/DD pile of dump http://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/build-projects-and-project-cars/the-crapcord-beans-97-accord-lx-ddautox-beater/64092/page1/

Mar 02, 2012

RallySol: 1993 Honda awd del Sol - stage rally prepped

Mar 02, 2012

Well, it started life as an S model. Was supposed to be a billboard for the fab business I was trying to start at the time. Currently it is a ...

Dec 17, 2018

JohnInKansas: 1974 Honda CB360

Dec 17, 2018

Project during college. Rebuilt the suspension and braking systems, stripped as much weight as I could safely, lowered the seating position, rode the hell out of it. Great bike, but ...

Feb 14, 2011

tjfouks: 1969 Honda cb450

Feb 14, 2011

cb450 with cl(scrambler) pipes. when i put the racing sprocket on this thing you better hold on tight

Dec 05, 2010

Josh: Honda CB650SC Nighthawk

Dec 05, 2010

'85 Nighthawk 650 Progressive 412 rear shocks CBR600F2 front rotors Blacked-out exhaust, wheels, engine, controls, and trim Superbike bars Foam grips CRG knockoff bar-end mirrors 7300 original miles... but not ...

May 18, 2011

gbnkids: 1985 Honda cb700 Nighthawk s

May 18, 2011

My favorite bike of all time. I have owned three of them, this one for the second time. Silky smooth straight four with attention grabbing 10k redline.

Jul 16, 2009

snibborddot: Honda Civic

Jul 16, 2009

This is my 84 Civic , currently it is being transformed into an SCCA H- Production class racecar . The car is pretty tricked out for an improved touring car ...

Apr 04, 2011

eclricochet: 1995 Honda Civic

Apr 04, 2011

Almost ready for NASA PTE

Feb 16, 2010

firemedic: 1997 Honda Civic

Feb 16, 2010

Commuter Civic with full Skunk2 suspension, from coil overs, upper and lower new control arms, end links, toe adjusters. Added a rear blox sway bar, upgraded from rear drums to ...

May 10, 2010

jsooke: 1989 Honda Civic

May 10, 2010

D16Z6 engine KYB-AGX adjustable shocks Phantom Grip Some other stuff Now used mainly for AutoX, RallyX and some TSD rally.

Sep 18, 2009

JayB43: 1995 Honda civic

Sep 18, 2009

stock 1.5 turboed civic

Jun 10, 2012

mutant: 1973 Honda civic

Jun 10, 2012

1200 civic,chopped,flared,ect...

Aug 26, 2010

Flapjack: 1991 Honda Civic

Aug 26, 2010

1991 Civic Si, my baby, I love her!

Sep 06, 2010

lwnslw: 1996 Honda civic

Sep 06, 2010

h2 prep for NASA

Oct 16, 2010

bopApocalypse: 1988 Honda Civic

Oct 16, 2010

1988 Honda Civic DX Hatch SOHC ZC Engine Si trans + KAAZ LSD Si front brakes CRX HF Front Sway Bar KYB GR-2 Struts Stock Springs Quaife quick-steer rack Semi-gutted ...

Aug 21, 2011

albinr: 2000 Honda civic

Aug 21, 2011

Road racing civic b18, FARA, NASA

Aug 21, 2011

mrlegoman: 1992 Honda Civic

Aug 21, 2011

Full Race Stage I GT (non-AC) GT28RS (Disco) with T3 hot housing B18C1 81.5mm Stock sleeves and crank Stock cams and gears Stock TB 750cc AEM EMS Eagle rods 9:1 ...

Aug 24, 2011

the_wedge: 1999 Honda Civic

Aug 24, 2011

1999 Civic, Rallycross car. 2010-Edmonton Rally Club Rallycross Championship- 2nd place, 2wd stock.

Sep 01, 2011

CivicER: 1987 Honda Civic

Sep 01, 2011

This is an electric car conversion. It's painted championship white

Aug 21, 2011

whitelightning: 1977 Honda civic 1200cc

Aug 21, 2011

Found my Civic 3 blocks from my house in 2009,Had been sitting for a year,trailered it home.With some new gas and fuel tank got it running.I new i wanted to ...

Feb 11, 2013

qdseeker: 1979 Honda Civic CVCC

Feb 11, 2013

Swapped stock 1.5L with a 1.8L Accord (1979) engine Carroll Shelby 13x5.5 wheels Sumitomo 175/50-13 tires Mallen Alley front air dam Body work by Dave Wilson Painted factory color by ...

Mar 12, 2011

cxhb: Honda civic cx

Mar 12, 2011

obd1 b16a swap w/ simple bolt ons. koni's with H&R "race" springs (progressive rate). camber kit front and rear (-1.5 in front, 0 in back). stock EX front sway bar. ...

Jun 25, 2010

ChesterRumble: 1995 Honda Civic CX

Jun 25, 2010

1995 Honda Civic CX Exterior -JDM thin side mouldings -Mint JDM headlights and corners -SiR lip -Front and rear mudgaurds -Buddy Club P1 Racing SF Challenge -Buddy Club lug nuts ...

Sep 25, 2011

AutoXR: 1992 Honda Civic CX

Sep 25, 2011

my $2010 GRM Challenge car. d series 16G gutted shaved bay hoosiers

May 16, 2016

oldsaw: 1990 Honda Civic Dx 3dr

May 16, 2016

88 rear control arms, Tokico Illuminas, ST race springs, ST rear sway bar, steel brake lines, EBC pads, 4-2-1 header going into a Randon Technology high-flow cat and Magnaflow muffler, ...

Jun 10, 2011

Dren: Honda Civic Dx hatchback

Jun 10, 2011

The plan is for this to be my daily driveable track car. I'm building this car to do everything I want with as little compromise in performance as possible. (Yeah ...

Aug 21, 2011

GPDren: 1994 Honda Civic DX hatchback

Aug 21, 2011

As is typical with car guys I bought the car planning to make a couple changes and just enjoy the car. After several years of progress the car is now ...

Jul 14, 2011

boxracing: 1995 Honda Civic EG

Jul 14, 2011

Motor/Transmission -B16B CTR Motor (Fully Stock) (184 HP to the Wheels) (OBD2) -The timing belt, oil pump, and water pump were changed when the motor was swapped in. -CTR LSD ...

May 10, 2013

TAParker: 2002 Honda Civic EX

May 10, 2013

Pretty plain Jane right now....updates to come...

Oct 15, 2018

Mark L: 1999 Honda Civic EX

Oct 15, 2018

This car is run in: Street Legal Studded (Icerace.com) SCCA STS 2018 Challenge (hopefully)

Nov 12, 2011

amiller34: 1988 Honda Civic HB

Nov 12, 2011

M2 RallyCross car

Nov 24, 2010

tnl_dohcter: 1997 Honda Civic ITR

Nov 24, 2010

My previously owned Honda Civic with JDM Integra Type R front end transplanted. Built 2.0 liter motor. 210 whp/ 150 wtq. Stolen from my house. :(

May 10, 2012

Goldmember: 1989 Honda Civic LX

May 10, 2012

My $1000 DD, gets flogged 120miles plus every day from NH to Boston. Buzz windows and doors CRX Si springs, fresh facory bushings, Tokico Blues.

Sep 04, 2014

Brian : 2009 Honda Civic LX-S

Sep 04, 2014

It's a car!

Oct 20, 2010

thesnibborddot: 1985 Honda Civic S

Oct 20, 2010

H-Production roadracing car.

Feb 11, 2010

watkinsglenfan: 2009 Honda Civic Sedan Si

Feb 11, 2010

Stock, burnt orange with 6-sp manual.

Nov 02, 2011

bravenrace: 1990 Honda Civic si

Nov 02, 2011

1990 Civic si. 120k miles, stock engine with header, Koni yellows, Mugen trailing arm bushings, Porterfield brake pads, Brembo rotors. Former autocross car, former daily driver, future car for my ...

Aug 04, 2010

LopRacer: 1989 Honda Civic Si

Aug 04, 2010

1989 Honda Civic Si, ZC swap, stripped interior, 6 Point Weld in Cage, racing harnesses, Jamex Fixed back racing seat, custom Olive Drab Rattle can paint job, lots of bolt-ons ...

Jul 04, 2011

CivicSiRacer: 1993 Honda Civic Si

Jul 04, 2011

This is the 5th Civic Si have owned. Took me over 5 years to find a good example (except for the motor being abused), without rust. This is a 1993 ...

Jul 16, 2009

TurboGC8: Honda Civic Si

Jul 16, 2009

2006 Honda Civic Si -Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket -Magnaflow Catback -Nitrous 75 shot

Jul 16, 2009

jmthunderbirdturbo: 1986 Honda Civic Si

Jul 16, 2009

$2010 challenge car. funny looking hatch thing, with a 5 spd and EFI. should be a fun car to GUT and go racing. who knows, i might make the switch ...

Jul 27, 2010

silvertuner: 2003 Honda Civic Si

Jul 27, 2010

h&r springs, ESMM inserts, thats about it

Jul 16, 2009

doublezero_si: 2000 Honda Civic Si

Jul 16, 2009

Yeah, I know I'm not driving the preferred car for DSP (even though I have a 325i sitting in front of my house), but it is all for local fun! ...

May 10, 2010

Suki II: 1991 Honda Civic Si

May 10, 2010


May 09, 2011

joekh: 2003 Honda Civic Si

May 09, 2011

This is my son's vehicle. We have started to Autocross.

Feb 16, 2010

kseries: 1995 Honda Civic Si

Feb 16, 2010

White Koni/GC suspension Skunk2 and Ingalls camber kits Circuit Hero shift extender Sparco Ring wheel Recaro Speed seats 15" Rota GT3's

Aug 22, 2011

psundberg: 1990 Honda Civic Si

Aug 22, 2011

We got good brakes!!! While autocrossing our ST 90 Civic with the Minnesota Autosports Club (MAC) at our 2nd event in 2009, there was a good bump just at the ...

Apr 18, 2010

EP3CivicSi: 2003 Honda Civic Si

Apr 18, 2010

Autocross, daily driver, and preping to become an Improved Touring racecar.

Dec 20, 2010

Smack35: 1989 Honda Civic Si

Dec 20, 2010

This car is a one of a kind SCCA ITA racecar. It has 9,000 miles on it according to the odometer, which are all race miles. The car has been ...

Aug 21, 2011

speedracer33: 1993 Honda Civic Si

Aug 21, 2011

Honda Civic Si built for Honda Challenge H1 class, but currently running NASA PTC at 180 whp and 2260 lbs minimum weight.

Dec 08, 2010

1slowcrx: 1990 Honda Civic Si

Dec 08, 2010

It's got a sparco seat, momo wheel no radio but it does have A/C Less then 10k miles on the rebuilt engine and tranny AEM cold air intake Zydene ECU ...

Jun 26, 2014

Hasbro: 2004 Honda Civic Si (EP3)

Jun 26, 2014

2004 EP3. Daily driver/autoxer 245/45/16 Toyo RA1s front/ 225/50 XSes rear, Koni/Ground Control coilovers modified for extra travel, Swift springs, Type R sways and chassis stiffening bits, Type R lcas ...

Mar 29, 2011

DirtyBird222: 2010 Honda Civic Si 4-door

Mar 29, 2011

Just a stock Si with all-seasons and every option available. Has one mod and that's a strut tower brace I picked up for $free.99

May 31, 2011

rwdsport: 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan

May 31, 2011

Autopower Rollbar Sabelt FIA Race Seat TRS 6 pt Harness Hawk HP+ Pads for street Bridgestone RE01s for street Performance Friction for track Used 3 year old A6 Takeoffs for ...

Dec 21, 2013

kpWRX: 2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Dec 21, 2013

Mods List of one of my favorite cars. It's only problem is that it wasn't a Subaru. :( Still was a great car though. Engine: 1. X Intake 2. Ingalls ...

Aug 21, 2011

ITR90civic: 1990 Honda Civic si [with ITR motor]

Aug 21, 2011

This is my 1990 Civic si. My father and I have been working on the car for almost 8 years now - a labor of love so to speak. Major ...

Oct 27, 2013

Run_Away: 1999 Honda Civic SiR

Oct 27, 2013

K20A swap from DC5 Integra Type R ASP 4-1 header 2.5" Hi-flow cat 2.25" DC Sports cat-back exhaust RBC intake manifold Kpro chipped ECU Hasport EKK2 mounts Hybrid Racing no-cut ...

Jun 11, 2011

HangfireOne: 1992 Honda Civic VX

Jun 11, 2011

1992 Honda Civic VX hatchback, stock 1.5L sohc VTEC (w/stock intake, exhaust header, & catalytic converter), Civic Si trans w/Kaaz diff, bombproof (but heavy!) CRX rims, Koni racing shocks. Go ...

Oct 18, 2011

bengro: 1989 Honda Civic Wagon

Oct 18, 2011

D15Z1 lean burn HF gear box lowered on skunk 2 springs early SI phone dials, LRR tires

Jan 18, 2019

mannydantyla: 1974 Honda CL200

Jan 18, 2019

all the info: http://dannix.net/node/19

Nov 12, 2015

Mike: 2013 Honda CR-Z EX

Nov 12, 2015

Bought with 16k on it. I'm going to try to make this car last forever, while fighting automotive ADD.

Jan 11, 2013

6pak72: 1990 Honda Crap Can

Jan 11, 2013

God knows how I got talked into this one... Several good friends asked me to crew on this absolutely abysmal Honda for the first LeMons Overhead CamBake in CT. This ...

Aug 16, 2011

Jamesc2123: 1991 Honda CRX

Aug 16, 2011

1991 CRX. Stock for now.

Sep 29, 2011

David S. Wallens: Honda CRX

Sep 29, 2011

It's a 1988 CRX HF fitted with a B16A engine. It's an awesome track toy. You'll read about it in the magazine later this year.

Aug 21, 2011

CRXracer: Honda CRX

Aug 21, 2011

My 1984 CRX, prepped to SCCA ITC specs. Raced primarily at Memphis Motorsports Park and No Problem Raceway in Donaldsonville, LA. Not the fastest thing in a straight line, but ...

Jan 02, 2011

xFactor: 1986 Honda CRX

Jan 02, 2011

The Boston Hong

Feb 16, 2010

redlynr: 1987 Honda CRX

Feb 16, 2010

Somewhere between CSP and EP, yet still a fair weather daily driver...

Sep 29, 2011

porksboy: 1990 Honda CRX

Sep 29, 2011

DX model with a 5 speed and Konis at all four corners.

Jun 24, 2011

sburke: 1991 Honda crx

Jun 24, 2011

This photograph was taken on a hairpin turn on a very muddy stage 8 of STPR. I sent this in because of the Grassroots banner in the background. 91 crx ...

Aug 14, 2011

sxpkpower: 1984 Honda CRX

Aug 14, 2011

SMF autocross car. D16A1 Integra 1.6, OBX limited Slip, header and 2" exhaust, custom air intake, Integra disc brake swap, Poly bushings, 27.5mm torsion bars, ST front sway bar, Ground ...

Oct 03, 2011

mdshaw: 1987 Honda CRX HF

Oct 03, 2011

Beautiful mono chrome blue 87 CRX HF. It has a low mileage D15B4 dual Keihin side drafts with cones & filters, chrome header, new custom healthy sounding exhaust, auto & ...

Aug 15, 2011

Lizaard: 1991 Honda CRX HF

Aug 15, 2011

JDM B16a1 swap, Skunk2 full body coilovers, full amber corner lights and bumper lights, Magnaflow mandrel bent custom exhaust, Rota Circuit 8's, Blox lower control arms

May 10, 2012

Goldmember: 1991 Honda CRX Si

May 10, 2012

This is the second time I've owned this car. I bought it as a recovered theft in '02, drove it for a year, put 40K on it, then traded it ...

Jun 18, 2011

Goldmember: 1988 Honda CRX Si

Jun 18, 2011

This is my Girlfriends car. It runs in SM2, but it would be a local contender in CSP with a fresh D16A6. Currently running a ZC DOHC non-Vtec 1.6L. This ...

Jul 03, 2011

JudgeJoeBrown: 1989 Honda Crx Si

Jul 03, 2011

Fresh Paint. obd1 ls chipped and tuned

Apr 13, 2011

flashmatrix: 1986 Honda CRX Si

Apr 13, 2011

A lil project I took on the past 2 years. This car started out as a basketcase and has been redone to be a nice little driver. Specs: Factory EW ...

Dec 10, 2010

skytrooper: 1990 Honda CRX-Si

Dec 10, 2010

My LeMons/Chumpcar/UsedCarRacing track rat

Aug 11, 2009

rogerbodger: 1992 Honda Del Sol

Aug 11, 2009

I race this car in The Nippon Challenge (www.nipponchallenge.co.uk) in the GT200 class. Engine : B18C engine from an Integra Type R Suspension : Tein coilovers. Integra Type R brakes ...

Aug 19, 2010

delsolls: 1993 Honda del Sol

Aug 19, 2010

SCCA STU race car.

May 28, 2012

Goldmember: 1989 Honda EP Civic

May 28, 2012

I saved this from falling into the hands of an import drag racer on E-bay, thanks to a heads-up from a fellow auto-Xer. It was built by a Mass based ...

Jul 01, 2011

Gimp: Honda Fit

Jul 01, 2011

Not really mine, but I get to race it now and again. My girlfriend runs it in STS. Nothing but wheels/tires, springs, some camber bolts, and a whole lotta cursing.

Aug 15, 2010

Erich: Honda Fit

Aug 15, 2010

Fit base model, manual trans. No filler, just meat.

Aug 26, 2010

Rupert: 2008 Honda Fit Sport

Aug 26, 2010

She's red, ready, & named Ms Scarlet. This is the "daily driver" for my bride but also a fun ride that gets great mileage and holds a bundle. It reminds ...

Nov 19, 2014

Ben_Modified: 1981 Honda GL500 Pedal Electric Motorcycle

Nov 19, 2014

Pedals are for exercise and extending range. 75 mph 75 mile range. Hayabusa suspension/wheels/brakes. Steady bicycle cadence at all speeds.

Jun 16, 2011

924guy: 2000 Honda Insight

Jun 16, 2011

Daily driver, the first mass produced hybrid, and i average 48 mpg on the "wrong" tires...

Nov 30, 2013

Vigo: 2001 Honda Insight

Nov 30, 2013

346,xxx miles and counting. I avg 48 mpg, bad for one of these but it's hilly, fast, and ac all the time around here. Weighs 18XX lbs empty. Roomy in ...

Mar 13, 2012

Bongwat: 2000 Honda Insight

Mar 13, 2012

2000 Honda Insight Engine: 2003 Acura TL VTEC 3.2L 270hp Mid-Engine Rear wheel drive. FAST!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbRqwuGnVho&list=UUg02nyLjErxRPSnPt8xP7Mg&index=1&feature=plcp

Jun 20, 2011

Maroon92: 1981 Honda MB-5

Jun 20, 2011

This is my moto!

Dec 16, 2009

hobiercr: 1989 Honda NT650 - Hawk GT

Dec 16, 2009

Going on the block soon due to finances and the new wife.

Mar 29, 2010

incomplete: 1998 Honda prelude

Mar 29, 2010

184k miles, AEM CAI, RS-R exhaust, KYB shocks, ground control springs, powerslot front rotors, hp+ pads, honda s2k steering wheel, front strut brace

Jan 09, 2018

boxedfox: 1993 Honda Prelude Si

Jan 09, 2018

Honda Prelude Si built for SCCA ITS. Non-VTEC but surprisingly sprightly with a min weight of 2555 lbs.

Jul 23, 2011

Eric Moberg: 1990 Honda Prelude SI 2.0/Race Car

Jul 23, 2011

Set up for track duty only Running TTE/PTE with NASA . Second in class NASA SE 2008

Jul 16, 2009

5speedguy: Honda Prelude Si 4WS

Jul 16, 2009

This may be a rare ride for GRM's site. It's a '93 Prelude Si with 4 wheel steering and two GRM stickers (left & right rear). The car is my ...

Nov 01, 2009

Xelocity: 1992 Honda Prelude SI 4WS

Nov 01, 2009

This is my 1992 Honda Prelude SI 4WS. I have had it for a little over two years now. When i first got the car, everything...i mean everything...was broken on ...

Jan 11, 2011

pwcfan: 2007 Honda S2000

Jan 11, 2011

Stock Silverstone

Jul 16, 2009

rookie_s: 2004 Honda S2000

Jul 16, 2009

Stock with a drop in K&N and some better pads and fluids and a 225/255 setup and unfortuneately still more than i can regularly get 10/10ths out of

Sep 25, 2011

Josh: 2002 Honda S2000

Sep 25, 2011

This one's for B-Stock autocross and summer DD duty. A Saner front swaybar, an extra set of wheels for the race tires, and a Chase hitch are the only mods.

May 14, 2011

coffeebreak101: 2007 Honda S2000

May 14, 2011

Grand Prix White Red/Black Interior Black Hard Top A moderate diet Some parts to slow the car down Some parts to make the weight transfer faster (or slower) Some holes ...

Oct 14, 2011

Driven: 2004 Honda S2000

Oct 14, 2011

It's Black! NASA TT-C car. Current mods: - Seibon Hardtop w/ removed softtop - Eibach pro-kit lowering springs on OEM shocks - Eibach front sway bar, OEM rear - 949 ...

Aug 01, 2011

SiHawk: 2005 Honda S2000

Aug 01, 2011

Stock S2000 in STR

Jan 22, 2019

RoHo: 2008 Honda S2000 CR

Jan 22, 2019

Yellow and blue. Set up for SCCA STR class with LSD, Penskes DA, sway bars, bolt ons and tune.

Nov 17, 2010

subrew: 1964 Honda Trail 55 Rat Bike

Nov 17, 2010

Old Trail 55 I assembled from a box of parts. Gave it a patina, using muriadic acid and a salt water spray bath. Fabricated all of the custom parts using ...

Jan 12, 2011

genesdx: 1996 Honda V6 Civic

Jan 12, 2011

J32 swapped, Made my own mounts, kept p/s and a/c, This was alot of hard work, and the drama behind this would inspire alot of people to work against all ...

Sep 18, 2009

slefain: 1973 Honda XL175

Sep 18, 2009

1973 Honda XL175. It cost me $50 and a box of T-5 transmission parts. Runs great!

Apr 11, 2011

DOgburn: 2002 Honda XR70

Apr 11, 2011

Our trusty Honda XR70 pitbike

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