2013 Ultimate Track Car Challenge

Jul 19 at Alton, VA

Ultimate is unambiguous. It’s the pinnacle of achievement, the best there is. We put on the Ultimate Track Car Challenge to find the fastest car out there. Period. Lap times don’t lie, and if you’re not first, you might as well be last: Losers are not the ultimate.
We choose Virginia International Raceway because it has the best of everything: Its fast sweepers, long straights, tight sections, and plenty of elevation changes challenge even the best drivers.

Since the event happens mid-July, it’s also one hottest weekends of the year at VIR—further putting equipment and driver to the test. If you’re not disciplined enough to keep your body cool and hydrated, your lap times will suffer as much as if your car overheats. “Challenges are easy,” said no one, ever.

The top finishers this year were two purpose-built race cars: One was a Viper Stohr; the other, a Wolf GB08. These are tiny race cars with no similarity to what you’d see on the street. The Stohr is powered by a tiny, 1441cc Suzuki engine pushing 250 horsepower; the Wolf has a familiar Honda K20 drivetrain from a Civic Si.

In third overall was a Chevy Monte Carlo formerly built to run oval tracks. Its owner, Jeff Hawkins, modified the aerodynamics and gave it a powerful V8. The man drove it himself to third place overall. Certainly an impressive feat in a field full of shop-backed racers.
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine handed out a number of awards to recognize incredible achievement throughout the field. The fastest car based on a production street machine was a Lamborghini Super Trofeo—a machine that looked as fast as it went.

Another impressive achievement was Doug Wind’s Dodge Neon SRT-4, which not only is the fastest front-wheel-drive car, but also pulled an incredible time of 2:05—a full 6 seconds better than Brian Vinson’s, which won Fastest Mustang. Doug Wind also won a custom PRS guitar for bringing what the judges dubbed the Most Rocking Car at the Ultimate Track Car Challenge. The full list of prize winners is below.

Fastest Overall
Victor Seaber #9 Viper Stohr 1:49.9

Fastest Track Star (based on a production passenger car)
James Clay #54 Porsche 911 1:54.9

Fastest Pro (built for a professional race series)
Kevin Conway #99 Super Trofeo 1:58.8

Fastest Crapcan
Troy Truglio #381 Toyota MR-2 2:18.7

Fastest Special (kit car)
John George #15 Factory Five 818 2:09.5

Fastest Forced Induction (turbo or supercharged)
James Clay #54 Porsche 911 1:54.9

Fastest Front Driver (front-wheel drive car)
Douglas Wind #63 Dodge Neon SRT-4 2:05.6

Fastest One Lapper (One Lap of America competitor)
Douglas Wind #63 Dodge Neon SRT-4 2:05.6

Fastest Street Car (actually street legal, not just wearing license plates)
Robert Grace #48 BMW 1-M 2:06.5 Car owned by Neil Simon

Fastest Privateer BMW; Presented by Bimmerworld
Robert Grace #48 BMW 1-M 2:06.5 owned by Neil Simon

Fastest Mustang; Presented by Driven Racing Oil
Brian Vinson of Air Lift Performance #49 Ford Mustang 2:11.9

Fastest Corvette
Mike Howard #0 Chevrolet Corvette 1:58.4

Fastest Mopar; Presented by Gerry Wood Auto Group
Eric Campbell #30 Dodge Viper 1:59.235

Fastest Honda; Presented by Gerry Wood Auto Group
Brady Woodell #38 Honda S2000 2:11.3

Fastest Porsche
James Clay #54 Porsche 911 1:54.9

Fastest Subaru
Deren Ardinger #51 Subaru 2.5RSTi 2:14.3

Fastest Mazda
Eric Campbell #30 Mazda RX-7 2:06.8

Fastest LS-Powered Car; Presented by Driven Racing Oil
Mike Howard #0 Corvette 1:58.4

Fastest Brick; Presented by Low Country Communications
Paul Patrick #357 Subaru Forester 2:20.9

Fastest Non-Aero Euro; Presented by GMP Performance
Matt Mcbride #99 BMW M3 2:13.2

Fastest Showroom Stock
Matt Mullins #6 BMW M6 2:12.6

Fastest Miata
Aaron Johnson #41 2:18.44

Event Details:

Start: July 19, 2013, End: None
Alton VA
Region: midatlantic

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All cars must pass a NASA Time Trial safety inspection.

All drivers must have a NASA Time Trail or road race competition license. If your current competition license is from another sanctioning body, you may be able to convert it to a NASA Time Trial or road race license with the approval of a NASA regional director. Jon Felton will handle these matters on a case-by-case basis. If you are not licensed anywhere yet and are an advanced-level HPDE driver, contact your local NASA region to inquire about getting a Time Trial check ride at a local event prior to the UTCC.

All cars must wear the required windshield banner and stickers handed out by the GRM staff. Stickers promoting companies that compete with our sponsors must be removed or covered up.

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