Duke MegaDork
12/5/18 9:10 a.m.

An aquaintance is selling what looks to be a pretty clean Sentra that needs some work.  If anybody is interested I will put you in contact.  Located in DE, very convenient to I-95.  From his ad:

2003 Sentra in Delaware - Facebook link

'03 Nissan Sentra
1.8 motor
150,000 miles

Asking $850.  Bought it as a daily driver, but never got it tagged I put about $750 into parts on it.

List of parts are:

New front front catalytic converter
Back catalytic converter
Both up-and-down stream 02 sensors
New starter
Camshaft position sensor
Two new coils
New plugs
Purge canister

Things it needs:

Right rear wheel bearing
Throw out bearing
Back and passenger side motor mount

I realize I'm not gonna make my money back, just trying to recoup some.  I'm selling the car the way it is. Can send more pictures upon request.

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