CanadianTercel New Reader
11/23/10 4:42 p.m.

What I have here are a set of absolutely gorgeous, damn near perfect condition wheels for your amazingly bizarre hub'd ford, audi, saab, volvo, porsche.

These wheels are finished in a brilliant gold and accented around the neck with an incredibly shiny polished lip.

The offset is fairly high, i would say mid +30s, and they are of the 14" diameter, and 6" wide variety.

Worried about your crap box failing you? Atleast these wheels won't, as they are SFI spec certified!!

Although they've had tires mounted on them, I can bet they've never been used on anything that left a heated garage.. a little bit of polish compound and these lips will be 100% again!! They have lots of original stickers still on them and perfectly legible. Unfortunately, there are no center caps with these wheels.

All this, can be yours, for $600, or you can barter with me, and I'm looking for 4x100 wheels in 15" size, with or without tires.

I can be reached in the following ways

email me- [email][/email] text or call daniel @ 289 686 2313

CanadianTercel New Reader
11/28/10 7:38 p.m.


price dropped to $400 obo!!

can ship from NY state!

CanadianTercel New Reader
4/4/11 11:19 p.m.

BUMP! make me a freaking offer.. get these out of my garage.. I have 2 tercels and a paseo that could be taking up that valuable space. (yeah i've got issues..)

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