Egghead Racer
Egghead Racer New Reader
7/28/15 12:18 p.m.

Bought these for my 2010 Premium Wagon with the J55 brakes (larger rear rotor) but I had to sell it. If someone has a Caddy or knows someone who does and wants a brake kit, let me know.

This is a power stop drilled and slotted rotor kit with the Z16 ceramic low dust pads. Kit is brand new. I opened the box to verify the part numbers. Cost $390 new for the parts from Amazon. $300 shipped or delivered around(ish) the Dayton, OH area. OBO. I can take Paypal, no fees charged. Just collecting dust. Let me know if you want pics, but it's just rotors and pads.

If you want to check fitment:



Just sitting in the garage, collecting dust

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