TOZOVR New Reader
1/1/10 10:12 a.m.

Okeydoke. Here’s the deal.

1997 Audi A4 quattro 5 spd 1.8T.

This car needs a little finishing.

Looking for something in trade. It needs to be DD-able.

I bought this car in early November from a friend. Dave had just put quite a bit of time and money into it but just didn’t have the time. Honestly, I thought I’d be getting more of a daily-driver, but alas, it was still a project. I spent all my time getting it to daily driver status…doing the rear brakes (new rotors with Hawk HPS pads…). First removing and welding the exhaust manifold and then Installing a new exhaust manifold, installing the new Blizzaks for winter duty, installing the catch can and dipstick funnel etc etc. I have a complete Big Brake Kit for the front (Rotora A8 rotors, TT Calipers and carriers, HAWK HPS pads) that are not installed. To put it crudely, I blew my wad early on this one. I just don't have the time or money to finish up the little body work or pay for the ECU Flash at Unitronic. Once Tuned it will be a MONSTER. When tuned with the 415CC file it should be a blast. The motor is good for over 450HP no problem, but I was shooting for less max HP and streetable/AUTO-X fun. With the 415CC file and VR6 MAF we're talking 300+wheel HP.

I have driven this car every day and have for a month was a bit harsh at first but as I completed tasks it got's good to go now. It's very tractable and drives straight with zero rattles or shakes. It's quick at 8psi. Santa Clause actually borrowed it from me Christmas Eve as he needed a sick rig for his Nebraska deliveries in all that snow. I had to vacuum an arseload of cookie crumbs out of it the next day but it's all good. Bose Sound System and it's a Sport Package car and a '97 so that mean cloth manual Recaros...interior is BEAUTIFUL.. I have TONS of pics.

The underneath looks pretty dang good for a ’97 that has lived in New England it’s whole life, but there are some scrapes and rubs etc. It’s not a show car. I bought the car with every intention of driving it daily through the nasty weather and tracking the hell out of it on the Autocross course and a few COM events every year.

Body has 182k on it, motor has around 3000 miles on it. Tranny and center diff were installed after motor rebuild. Currently running 15W50 Mobil 1 with Mobil 1 M1-301 filter (Changed 200 miles ago)

So here is what it needs. ECU Tune. 415CC injectors for the tune (or corresponding injectors for the tune one wants…) Body-wise it needs minor attention to the wheel arches and the bottom of the drivers doors (minor, no rot, just bubbling) ABS and CEL are on. The ABS is on because...well I unplugged the ABS. I like to drive. Me and the ABS thanks, it's called threshold braking. Install the new front brakes with the ABS pigtails and you're good to go. CEL is on because the second 02 sensor is gone and I was planning on a wideband there.

Here is what is Has… 1.8T AEB, forged rods, crank, pistons, new rings, honed, all new gaskets, all new bearings, timing belt, water pump, oil pump etc. Stage IV South Bend Clutch

New Bridgestone Blizzaks

Front mount intercooler and custom aluminum piping

Dodge Holset HY35 turbo, 3" down into APR exhaust (Personally the system is a bit loud…the first muffler could use to be replaced with something a bit quieter LOL)

New CV shafts in front

New wheel bearings in front

All new front control arms

034 track density motor mounts and tranny mounts

Stern rear diff mounts

Stern front snub mount

Axis motor sport block breather to catch can

VDO boost gauge

Sport package car (AMAZING cloth manual Recaros…)

Walbro GSS342 fuel pump

Tial 38 mm waste gate

Tial 50 mm BOV

V6 tranny

New S4 shift knob

New Exhaust manifold

To email or call, My name is RJ. Phone # is 207-289-4460 and my email is I'm in York, ME/Seacoast NH

njansenv Reader
1/1/10 8:22 p.m.

How much are you looking to get for it?


TOZOVR New Reader
1/1/10 11:57 p.m.

Really prefer a trade, just because my vehicular ADD thrives on that sort of thing. I pm'd you.


petegossett Dork
1/2/10 12:15 a.m.

Any interest in a 62 Tempest LeMans?

njansenv Reader
1/2/10 8:30 p.m.

Thanks for the email: it's a little more than I had rather excitedly hoped (on the 2k10 board), but it seems a very fair price! GLWS.


TOZOVR New Reader
1/3/10 9:58 a.m.

In reply to njansenv:

Thanks, That's why I really wanted to swap it...Looks like I have found a deal as well...

TOZOVR New Reader
1/3/10 10:01 a.m.

In reply to petegossett:

Like this?

Thanks, I needed a driver though. On a side not, that pic I took is now on a Beer Six pack here in Maine :)

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