volvoclearinghouse Reader
5/16/12 7:14 a.m.

Bought a '92 Miata (white) as a parts car...and finding I don't need as many parts off of it as I thought. So let me know what you need. Car was wrecked, but has a good front plastic facia and passenger front marker light, pop-up lights, good doors. Rest of the body is trashed, taillights smashed. Radiator no good. Have a set of gauges that seem to be good, but most of the interior is gone- no seats, carpet, etc. Some little trim bits. No wheels. decent door panels in black. Good convertible top mechanism.

I'm planning on keeping the chassis, fuel tank, steering, suspension, engine and trans for a project, though I might be willing to sell the engine - its the standard 1.6L unit, and runs well, though I had to snatch the fuel pump for the other car.

I'll post pics later...

volvoclearinghouse Reader
5/25/12 7:17 a.m.

So, OK, that took's some pictures of the Miata I'm parting out:

Like I said, it's pretty rough, body-wise, but it does have a good driver's door, front facia, headlight pop-ups, and some good trim. The wheels that are on it in the pic I'm keeping. The front fenders are spoken for, and the passenger door and hood are slightly dented, but work OK- I'll sell them if anyone wants them, too.

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