roadsportusa New Reader
9/5/09 7:26 a.m.

for sale , 1991 Nissan NX coupe SE-R Model B13, White exterior, Black Interior(ratty) 2000cc 16v engine, runs good. Miles 160,000. Body has NO RUST, but several small dents. Would make great race car. NJ car with clean title, alloy wheels. The Bad: Rear brakes locked up, 5 speed trans is broken, will need to be fixed. They tried to drive car with locked brakes, broke trans. Has limited slip diff. in trans. located near lambertville, NJ.
price $450 Call Ron at 215-297-8579 or email

ignorant SuperDork
9/5/09 8:45 a.m.

I'll vouch for Ron.. He's a good guy with some nice stuff. I used to crew with him on his rally golf before baby and wife.. ugh!

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