irish44j UltimaDork
12/7/17 4:53 p.m.


On a local garage sale site my wife came across a "lot" of car parts left over from someone's husband's LeMons build, supposedly. WIthout knowing what car they were for,, she paid a set amount of cash for all this stuff and gave it to me in case I could use it (odd, considering she complains about too many car parts sitting around...)

After researching, figures that none of it fits any of my cars. It appears to be mostly or all for late-90s to early 2000s Audi A4, A6, and VW Passat models. The stash includes a full set of brand-new Bilstein B8 and B6 shocks, plus CV axles, some control arms, tie rods, and a clutch kit, Here's most of it, plus a few other things I didnt list:

(2) Bilstein B8 24-020817 - 96-99 Audi A4, Passat, A6 (lowering) 
(2) Bilstein B6 24-065429 - early 2000s A6 and Passat 
(2) NAPA Upper Control Arm w/Balljoint - early 2000s Passat 
(2) Full tie rod assembly 4B0419801M - 98-2005 Audi A4, A6, Passat 
(1) NAPA Master Cylinder - 72352 - assume for VW
(2) CV boot kits (assumed for WV)
(1) NAPA Clutch Kit 1102028 - 97-05 Audi A4 and Passat 
(1) NAPA MaxDrive CV Axle Assy 94-9066 and 95-2184 for same....A4/Passat (reman)

Anyhow, I got this stuff cheap so looking for someone local who can use it for a GRM build or something.

I'd prefer someone just take the whole lot and save me the trouble of breaking it up. Think of what you'd reasonably pay for this stuff at a bargain, then offer me half of that and come get it at my house in northern Virginia,  Then re-sell whatever you dont' need, or use it, or whatever.

If you're interested, post here or email me at my username and we'll work it out. 

I could post pics, but it's just a bunch of

KyAllroad (Jeremy)
KyAllroad (Jeremy) PowerDork
12/7/17 5:36 p.m.

Sold my 2000 Passat that needed a clutch just a couple months ago (thank the FSM) so no need of any of it.  Good luck finding a taker! 

irish44j UltimaDork
12/13/17 5:54 p.m.

Come on people. Someone's SO must have a Passat or something that needs some maintenance lol....

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