BoxheadTim SuperDork
March 22, 2011 5:43 p.m.

Much as it pains me, it looks like I might need to sell my project Celica - the CJ I bought a couple of weeks ago looks more and more like a project than a DD (don't they all?) and knowing myself, two projects at the same time isn't going to work out. So there .

This is what it looked like when I picked it up in January. I believe it's a local car and thus most of what little rust it has is surface rust where the paint has cracked. Hole wise, all I've found so far is a thin 'wedge' hole on the rhs rear wheel arch (photo to follow) and a 'potential hole' at the bottom of the driver's side front fender. I poked around underneath the car when I got it and it looks all solid otherwise. It does need a new windshield and I've got a quote for that for $250 installed. Engine currently has a Weber 32/36 installed but read below for more carb pr0n.

Other than that, I've got tons of parts for it - all the emissions gear that was missing from the car when I bought it, a passenger seat (it's currently sporting two drivers seats), a second set of 13" slot mags that should be/are the correct offset (the 14" currently on the car are too wide in the front) rear OEM springs as it's got lowering springs at the back and not at the front, an OEM exhaust with cat that is complete but needs the rear part welded on again as it had to be cut for removal, good door cards and rear interior panels (the ones in the car are sun baked with the vinyl ripped) and rear wheelarch covers in good condition (need recolouring, but these things are unobtanium).

Thanks to some help from another GRMer who supplied me with some Weber parts I'm in the process of setting up the carb halfway correctly, which it wasn't initially. If I get the electric choke hooked up correctly this weekend, I should finally get it to run properly - it runs nicely on the choke but the off-choke setting was massively, err, off.

Nevada title in my name, but it's got a rebuilt title - there's evidence of pulled-out accident damage on the rhs rear quarter panel.

Up to this point I'd like to see around $1500 from a GRMer, but I'm generally happy to listen to sensible offers. It might not take that much to get it back on the road once I get it running right, but I just don't have the time atm. Obviously for safety reason I'd go through the whole car before putting it on the road again as it's stood for quite a while.

I've also got a set of Mikuni PHH 40s with rebuild kits and a Cannon manifold for the 20R, plus a hotter cam and the 22R aluminum rocker gear that also fits a 20R. If you want those with the car, I'll throw them in for another $500.

4cylndrfury SuperDork
March 22, 2011 5:53 p.m.

wow...Im really sorry you have to part with it, Im sorrier Im not gonna be the one to take her off your hands. Good luck, thats an awesome ride waiting for someone...

killerkane Reader
March 22, 2011 6:50 p.m.

Man I wish my M3 was gone so I could snatch this up!

BoxheadTim SuperDork
March 22, 2011 7:22 p.m.

What's the deal with your M3? I do need a non-project vehicle (forgot to mention that in the ad) so I might be interested in reasonable trades that might or might not involve cash.

killerkane Reader
March 22, 2011 8:14 p.m.

I sent you an email about it. It has a ton of recent maintenence, just under 85000 miles, perfect leakdown and compression and still gets good mileage with the SC.


BoxheadTim SuperDork
March 22, 2011 8:17 p.m.

Josh, you should have some sort of response back via email.

BoxheadTim SuperDork
March 29, 2011 3:42 p.m.


As mentioned I'd need a non-project vehicle as a replacement for it and can probably swing around $5k on top of the Celica.

hobiercr Reader
March 29, 2011 5:15 p.m.

My wife is glad you are far away... One of these days I'll get another one of these. Drove one for years but they REALLY need more HP to be any fun.

BoxheadTim SuperDork
March 29, 2011 5:15 p.m.

That's what the PHH 40s are for .

BoxheadTim SuperDork
March 31, 2011 11:34 p.m.

Pre-weekend bump. I really need to shift this, the price is negotiable within reason and I can store it outside under a tarp for a few weeks.

Mazdax605 HalfDork
April 1, 2011 6:10 a.m.

Anymore pics? Have you had a chance to get it running yet?

BoxheadTim SuperDork
April 26, 2011 3:33 p.m.

Now gone to another GRMer.

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