WilberM3 Reader
5/18/10 11:22 p.m.

I have an 88 (Renix 87-90 style) jeep cyl head (no rocker arms), intake manifold and throttle body. when i built my stroker i swapped to a 91 H.O. head/manifold/tb so theyve just been sitting in my garage for a while. i'll scrap it all eventually but i figured i might as well throw it up on here.

oh yea, ive also got an auto trans and transfer case out of the same 88 jeep. both have about 145k. the AW4 shifted great when it shifted... i think it had a computer issue as it randomly shifted correctly then wouldnt shift at all and i had to manually shift. i was going to build a shift controller but the jeeps too rusty now so i'm parting it out. fluid's really pink and doesnt smell burnt at all.

the tcase is an np231 that had a slip-yoke eliminator tailshaft that i swapped back to stock and the shift fork shaft was cut 1" shorter so it wont work with the vacuum axle switch. worked great with and before the SYE.

i'd like something for the drivetrain stuff, so just let me know if youre interested.

its all located in Topsfield, MA 01983

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