Jerry UberDork
5/23/18 6:54 a.m.

Yes, free...

Saw this on Barn Finds on Facebook just now asking what would you do with this?  THIS was my first thought.

Well i got 20+emails and several who said "they are coming" but no shows so its up for taking. HOWEVER not holding it so first come gets its. Spare motor and trans MUST go first or with car at same time. NO EXCEPTIONG.

Remember no paperwork no title no nothing. Some interior missing. Passenger door glass broken. Has tires on it HOWEVER one will be removed so bring a spare or figure a way to move without it.

Go to 152st sw 79 ave and there is a school/coral reef park there and i will meet you there. Not waiting for someone to show up sorry i have a lot to do today and it is raining yes.

Pontiac fiero car don't know year but from web search only made notchback from 86-88 (needs one rim and tire to roll) does NOT run, missing some interior parts, passenger glass broken, and is 90% there but needs restoration or good parts car. Most body panels perfect except nose.

INCLUDED and must go is a COMPLETE spare motor and transmission.

NO title, no paperwork i know nothing about car was abandoned 20+years ago from renters.

email only

must be picked up before 5 pm today

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