dahn16 New Reader
8/27/14 6:10 a.m.

I am selling my Cherokee which I began to convert to 2wd and build into an SCCA autocross project like the XJ-R. (I know it's a 4 door, but the wheelbase is the same.) However, I have an opportunity to buy a mostly-complete race car and I need to make room.

I started off with a 92 4x4 4-door Cherokee 4.0L auto (Chrysler 8.25 rear w/ Grand Cherokee disc conversion), sold the transfer case, front axle/driveshaft, seats and threw away the carpet- I have everything else. I have all the parts for the 2wd conversion (2wd transmission, front dummy axle) except the rear driveshaft. I also purchased almost all the parts I need to build something similar to the XJ-R: extra rear leaf springs and front lift coils to create a stiffer spring set, all new bushings, front brake rotors and calipers, 94-96 upgrade brake master cylinder, Renix exhaust manifold for a turbo setup, 15x8 wheels, set of shop wheels, spring perches, unibody frame stiffeners, etc. Currently the jeep is sitting on axles (2wd front, steerable), no brakes, fuel tank currently removed, interior is 98% stripped (inc dash and hvac), engine and transmission are out, wire harness is complete and still in place. The unibody is good except the rear portion needs some rust repair by the fuel filler hoses and rear bumpstops. All 4 doors and hatch are in place. Front doors have some lower rust, but I have another set available. All door windows are tinted and it has a 1 year old windshield.

Make me an offer, I'd like to get around $1800; cash preferred, but trades OK. I would like to sell the whole thing as a package. I'm still looking through what other parts I do have, and will update the ad accordingly. I have a good clear title for this Jeep and would need to transfer it to the buyer. I have a truck and trailer and can assist in delivery if need be (within reason).

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