alchemy_will New Reader
7/16/10 1:30 p.m.

All photos of things I have for sale:

1989 240sx hatchback

Mostly bought it for the engine, started to clean it up, then noticed that I don't want a 240sx at the moment.

Dash has a few cracks

I have the nose, but it's not pictured

Megan 'Track' coil overs

Slotted brakes

New wheel studs (in focus in real life)

2 17" Awful wheels

2 17" Nissan Sentra wheels (which I think are neat)

Walbro 255 fuel pump (formerly in a Silvia)

Welded differential

Those fender bumps that make the nose aero fit properly

Two brown/tan seats

Mostly stripped out sound deadening

Wal-Mart battery that holds a charge

Goofy steering wheel

Black doors with power windows that work great

Red doors (with the correct locks) that do no have glass or motors

Nice-ish door skins (not pictured) in black

$1100 with SE wheels and tires, $1000 without. Clean title.

2 Stock 240sx SE wheels


HKS Hi-Power, 2.3"[ Never used, been sitting in my closet for more than 10 years! I think that makes it vintage.

$200obo. I am not going to go much lower, this thing is mint.

Unknown 3" SR20DET exhaust

Looks kinda dented, I don't need it. The top thing with a pie cut is a Mazdaspeed3 cat delete. Ignore that.


All items located next to UCF, will drive around Orlando to drop off parts, not chassis. You come and get that.

All photos of things I have for sale:

pete240z Dork
7/16/10 3:32 p.m.
alchemy_will wrote:

sweet shoes

5/24/14 8:53 p.m.

Shell still for sale?

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