Redline New Reader
7/23/13 4:52 p.m.

WTB 1995-1996 240SX SE front clip

My car was hit while making a clear left turn from a lady who was in a corraled right turn only lane(she came out of that and hit me as I was 3/4 through my turn) The right frame rail needs to be replaced from the shock tower forward. I need fenders, front bumper cover, wheel houses, lights, etc

I have $1,000 for a front clip, minus engine(these sell for about $500 - $800 for complete) I am offering the full $1k for a complete front clip minus engine. I am willing to negotiate for a right side sub frame rail and any other parts as well.

I know you guys have stuff sitting around or know people who do. I know this place has one of the best networks for scrounging stuff too

If interested, I have parts also:

1993 Sentra SE-R Manual trans, rebuilt with good internals, slightly used clutch kit for it, and other small parts

1996 USDM 240SX SE tails and grill, to include badges(240SX, SE)

jimbob_racing Dork
7/23/13 6:24 p.m.

My bother in law has a complete, bone stock 1990 for sale. The chassis is rusty and won't pass state inspection here in PA. Let me know if you're interested. compel66 at hmail dawt com

Redline New Reader
8/27/13 8:39 a.m.

found a 95 in KY with everything I need...complete car minus engine/trans

Redline New Reader
11/25/13 6:31 p.m.

Man o man, she is getting her paint! BMW high aluminum flake content GUNMETAL GREY with gloss black C Pillars and Roof. Roof will get a Carbon overlay too when I get the chance so it will match the carbon wangen wing

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