Ron_Sutton New Reader
4/13/18 1:00 p.m.

My 2018 Workshop Topic is All New!

The 7 Secrets of Total Car Performance

Not just focused on Suspension ... I GUARANTEE this Workshop will help YOU
Optimize the Total Performance of YOUR car for Road Courses & Autocross.

The 2018 Workshop Tour Schedule
1. April 22nd, Sunday, at Ridetech HQ in Jasper, IN - Before Cars & Cones Autocross Tour

2. July 5th, Thursday, in Columbus, OH - Before the Good Guys Autocross Event

3. Sept 27th, Thursday, in Ft Worth, TX - Before the Good Guys Autocross Event

4. Oct 18th, Thursday, in Charlotte, NC - Before the Good Guys Autocross Event

5. Oct 31st, Wednesday, in Las Vegas - During SEMA & Before the Optima Autocross & Track Event


As most people know ... every workshop the last three years have SOLD OUT.
We are NOT increasing the size or number of the workshops.

Here is the link to purchase your tickets NOW so you don't miss out.
Purchase your tickets HERE Today!

I look forward to seeing you at a Workshop !!


For more information contact Ron Sutton Race Technology:
Phone:  (844) 722-3832  Ext 1
Address: 11345 Trade Center Drive, Suite 450, Rancho Cordova, CA  95742

Ron_Sutton New Reader
5/23/18 10:37 p.m.

The OHIO Workshop is just only 5 weeks away!
Come Learn What I Teach the Winners

Columbus, Ohio is such a great venue to attend one of my workshops.
We're at the Crowne Plaza, the GoodGuys Official Hotel, so there's cars everywhere & car people everywhere.  

This year's workshop topic rocks!!  We're NOT just talking suspension.
I'm covering everything it takes ... everything to consider ... the pros & cons to decisions that affect the total car performance results.

Building a car? ... You need to attend.
Need to improve your existing car? ... Gotta participate.
Plan to build a car/cars in the future ... this workshop will be key!

Workshop Ticket Sales:
Seminars at this high level typically cost $1000-$1500.  Due to the MANY Workshop Partners like Ridetech, Forgeline, StopTech, Holley, Scoggin-Dickey & 13 more ...  helping put on the Ron Sutton Workshop Tour 2018 … the ticket prices are a BARGAIN at only $349 each, sold in advance only.  [B][COLOR="Blue"]Tickets on sale now at my website [URL=""]HERE[/URL].

My Goals for You:
If you come spend a day with me & my workshop partners, I am committed to making it fun … highly educational … more than worth your money … and worth every minute of your time.  I don’t hold any secrets back.  You will learn how to make your car do EVERYTHING better … be the OPTIMUM TOTAL CAR PACKAGE ... perform at a much higher level … and have a more fun car to drive … guaranteed.

It’s OK to be Skeptical:
I offer a 100% No-Nonsense Guarantee. If you are not happy with the knowledge you gain, your experience or your results, I will refund your money ... 100% ... on the spot. And ... up to a year! Yes, you have a year to use the knowledge you gain. If you are not happy and satisfied, I will refund your money.

I’m OLD … Don’t Miss This Opportunity:
* I have a five year plan that includes teaching a different topic each of the 5 years.  
* I am conducting this powerful workshop topic ONE YEAR … THIS YEAR.
* I’m doing the same topic in five cities for 2018.  That’s it.
* I won’t be offering this topic again … for the next few years … maybe ever.

2015:  The 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-up & Tuning - DONE! - Every Workshop SOLD OUT!
2016:  The 7 Secrets for Suspension Mapping, Set-Ups & Track Tuning - DONE! - Every Workshop SOLD OUT!
2017:  The 7 Secrets of Advanced Suspension Set-up & Tuning - DONE! - Every Workshop SOLD OUT!
2018:  The 7 Secrets of Total Car Performance: Chassis Design, Suspension, Brakes, Aero, Powertrain & MUCH, MUCH MORE! - This Year !
2019:  The 7 Secrets of Winning - Optimizing Car & Driver

I hope you’ll join me for all of them.  But if you miss one any year … there are no “do overs” or “come back tour” planned.  :lol:

Questions:  Email Susan Kinnicutt at

Tickets: Go HERE.  


For more information on Ron Sutton Race Technology:
Phone: (844) 722-3832



Ron_Sutton New Reader
6/19/18 11:19 a.m.


The Ron Sutton Total Car Building Workshop in Columbus is ONLY 2 WEEKS away.

Tickets available HERE

This workshop covers the Entire Car Build ... not just suspension. I'm going to show you how to build winning cars that work awesome from bumper to bumper ... car body, brakes, engine, trans, diff, aero & much more will be covered. More details in attached brochure pages.

For more information about the Workshops, contact Susan Kinnicutt




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