AllsherInteriors New Reader
1/20/11 3:33 p.m.

Allsher Interiors is now offering a complete set of four E36 Coupe Door Panels for $599.95, slashing $300 off the previous price. Larger order commitments and per unit shipping cost has allowed us to pass on a great savings to the customer. This still includes our lifetime warranty against delamination and our indestructible carbon fiber upper mounting strip.

In addition, a group buy for 10 customers has been established with a discounted price of $499.95. Details can be found here :Group Buy Link

How exactly did we manage to lower the price you ask? Air shipping from Europe is incredibly cost prohibitive, but with an increase in business volume and consequently the purchase order size, the per unit shipping cost has been reduced significantly. In addition, several new BMW products awaiting release further increase the order size. In short, economies of scale at work for the customer.


David Allsopp
Ethan Fisher
Allsher Interiors

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