Muc Off  USA
Muc Off USA
3/11/11 1:52 p.m.


(Deland, FL) Muc-Off, the intriguingly-named line of high-quality “adrenaline-fueled” car care products from the U.K. is now available in the U.S.. The line is imported under an exclusive partnership agreement by Deltran Corporation of Deland, FL, manufacturers of the very-popular Deltran Battery Tender® line of smart battery chargers.

An international success in 24 countries, and with a depth of motorsports passion and involvement that includes being the Official Supplier to the Force India Formula 1 team, Muc-Off’s uniqueness is that, for a product line as effective as it reportedly is, the company takes particular pride in its “respect for the environment.” Depending on product and application, Muc-Off products are fully biodegradable, clear-coat and carbon-fiber safe, water-soluble, and all-weather effective.

The complete Muc-Off automotive line (there are also ones for motorcycles, ATVs, and bicycles) includes Ubershine Luxury Car Shampoo, Wunder Shine Carnauba-fluoropolymer Wax, Split-Second Detailer Wax, Glass Cleaner, and Bug & Tar Remover, along with two wheel cleaners: Frequent-Wash Wheel Cleaner, and Performance Wheel Cleaner designed for steel, plastic and alloy wheels (but not for chrome or matte finishes). There’s also Muc-Off Dirty Work Wipes for cleaning hands and tools.

To complement the cleaning products, Muc-Off also offers its Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt, Premium Microfiber Cloth, Soft Washing and Detailing brushes, Two-Prong Brush for hard-to-reach places, Wheel & Component Brush, and the Claw Brush for dashboards, radiators, grills and air vents.

For the retail trade and pro shops, the Wheel Cleaner and Motorsport Cleaner are both available in shop-sized 5- and 25-liter sizes. Additionally, there is a selection of uniquely visual POP Displays, including a stand that actually glows in the dark.

Full details and information can be found at, or contact: Muc-Off USA, Deltran Corporation, 801 International Speedway Blvd., Deland, FL, 32724; 1-(877)-456-7901.

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