James@Fast Lane Innovations
James@Fast Lane Innovations New Reader
3/31/17 9:57 a.m.

Do you have something you need to switch on at a certain RPM? Or maybe something that should be on within an RPM window? In drag racing, it might be nitrous or an air shifter. Anyway, you can easily control something that draws up to 10 amps with this RPM switch accessory works with the Trac-Pac Sequential Shift Light and the switch points are easily programmed using the mobile app.

The power of this solution is that you can dial-in the switch points as well, using your RPM data logs. Say you're using nitrous, in the log you'd be able to see if you're getting wheelspin when the nitrous hits and experiment with different points to get the best run. Same thing with an air shifter, and you could also experiment with different shift points to see if it improved your run.

What would you gain from having an easy to program RPM-activated switch? This is the only solution that enables you to not only activate something based on RPM, but quickly see what impact the settings have on your performance.

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