MadScientistMatt Dork
11/24/10 2:16 p.m.

Here's your 'Black Friday/Cyber Monday' craze related coupon!

12% off of any order over $250. Works on sale priced items too (so get you an LM-2 or an MSPNP at a rockin' discount!)

Use code THANKSGIVING at checkout to get the discount at our online store. This is good from now until Monday 11/29 night @ midnight. Can't be combined with other coupons, applied retroactively to orders you already placed, and is only good for retail customers.

Plus, we have now price matched our Innovate LM-2 units with Summit Racing's price, so their regular price has dropped a lot. This discount can be stacked with the THANKSGIVING coupon!

moxnix Reader
11/24/10 3:04 p.m.

I am assuming this is for

That coupon code is giving $12 off not 12% off.

Coupon details said: Sub-Total: $430.00 United States Postal Service (1 x 2.86lbs) (Priority Mail (Estimated 1 - 3 Days)): $10.00 Shipping Insurance: $6.50 Discount Coupons:THANKSGIVING: -$12.00 Total: $434.50
FoundSoul New Reader
11/24/10 8:41 p.m.

I think I've found and solved the problem there-- let me know if you have any more problems and sorry for the inconvenience!

-Jerry @ DIY

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