3/27/11 2:52 p.m.

ChumpCar anyone?? We have two cars for rent for the upcoming 3 races here in the southeast. This the cheapest way to get into wheel to wheel and the most fun you can have. 2 of the races are 24 hr enduros. Nashville and VIR. Roebling Rd is a double 7hr. I can take credit cards if needed.

The 240 is a 1995 240sx. Many of you have seen it at Roebling Rd race way last fall. Its first time out it placed 2nd and the second day it placed 5th after leading the race by 6 laps with 30 mins to go. It had engine failure due to driver error. Instead of going to 4th out of 3nd it was put into 2nd and it lasted couple of hours past that before it let go. Motor is being replaced and it will be tested May 7th 2011 at Nashville Superspeedway at our trackday. (www.tracksunlimited.net) Tires are 245/40/17 Federal SS 595

The mustang is a 1984 v8 Coupe. The engine was harvested from a 80's F150.... 5 Speed. It has the junk yard 5 lug conversion with rear discs from a 1994 v6 car. And front rotors from a '87 Mk7 The car "finished" roebling last fall. Considering it only had an engine for a few hour before the race thats a win in our book. Car has been gone thru and "Should" be fast. It runs 245/40/17 tires Federal SS 595

Before you sign up!! These are 500 dollar race cars sign up at your own risk.

Roebling:650.00 per seat 6 drivers Double 7 Nashville: 650.00 per seat 6 drivers 24hr VIR : 750.00 per seat 6 drivers 24hr

What you get:

2 sets of new 245/40/17 Federal SS 595 for the race Entry Fees paid (doesnt include license or classes) Transportation of car to and from event Tools, gas cans, spare parts *Fire extinguishers

Does NOT include: Your Personal gear Gas for Race Personal transportation and lodging

email me at micheal.tracksunlimited@gmail.com

Dates for races and cut offs:

Roebling June 18-19th 2011- Cut Off: May 1st, 2011

Nashville July 2-3rd 2011- Cut off: June 1st 2011

VIR July 30-31st 2011 Cut Off: June 15th

JoeyM SuperDork
3/28/11 4:17 p.m.

Thanks. Good info. Are you guys going to have rentals for the 14 hours of Sebring? (i.e. 24 September 2011)

3/28/11 7:16 p.m.

yes. they are for rent for any race in the east.

youngfg New Reader
3/29/11 1:05 p.m.

I hope you don't come to Nashville, we want a chance to win

JoeyM SuperDork
3/29/11 5:32 p.m.
FLATLINE wrote: yes. they are for rent for any race in the east.

Awesome.....not in my budget this year, but I'm hoping chump car comes back to Sebring next year. If they do, I expect that I'll be giving you a call

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