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2_3 New Reader
9/18/17 4:13 p.m.
AngryCorvair said:

Nice work, cool car, and good storytelling!

Thanks. I try to keep everything documented for myself while also writing an interesting story for those who want to follow it


The last picture is from this saturday. On sunday I got poisoned by the exhaust gasses, but before writing about that I need to catch up.


So, three weeks ago, It was sunday and I almost finished drying the floors. Got bored and texted my friend Pablo (lot's of posts where I write "a friend" it's actually him) too see if he wanted to go for a ride as it was the last day of having a valid tech inspection.

I passed by his house, he got in the car and we started driving around the neighborhood. There is no way we could've been driving hard as there was a lot of traffic, so I was just spinning the rear wheels and braking before hitting the car in front of me. After like 10 blocks of that, we got stopped by a police car. I had all the mandatory paperwork on me and police officers don't give tickets for that kind of things here, but they usually look for bribes, so I was a little nervous. One officer asked for the insurance papers, I showed her a binder with the insurance company logo and said "I have all this" and got told it was ok without actually showing anything legally valid. They also asked for the car registration, my license and Pablo's ID. Identifying the passengers isn't usually done in routinary stops, but I guess they did it because they had to follow us and beep the siren. That officer went to her car to check if everything was ok and the other one stayed with me. Within a second we were talking about cars and he told me to do this somewhere else, followed by two places where it wouldn't bother him.

I thought about explaining that I wasn't driving fast, I was just at WOT doing burnouts with an almost open exhaust, but it wasn't a good idea.

We went to a highway with two lanes each way. The speedometer marked 170 km/h but I think it was actually a little less. I'm impressed by both the high end power and the stability at high speed, but I know the state of the suspension and didn't want to push for more.

2_3 New Reader
9/21/17 3:08 p.m.

I took this exit and passed under the highway. I think there is a roundabout now after the bridge. I got the car sideways while turning left there but straightened it before attempting to turn right into the side street. Stopped here, next to the curb, turned the steering all the way to the left, floored the gas and tried to do a 180º turn. The car understeered, it took me a while to understand what was going on and we ended on the side of the road on top of some very sticky mud.

You can see what happened from the tire marks in the pictures:


Pablo went to the back to push but we couldn't get the car out of there. A guy named Jose, who was driving a berlingo, stopped just after 5 minutes of being there and offered to help. As none of us had a rope, he helped to push and the car moved a little, but not enough. Remember when I wrote about the old tires? and when I said the gas pedal felt too much like an on/off switch? well, those things, the heavy car and most of the weight being on the front axle made getting out of there hard.

Then Jose offered a very thin ratchet strap which I attached to the lower control arm. He was very worried about the strap breaking and damaging my hood, way more than me. He pulled my car out of there while I drove and Pablo pushed. Then we shook hands and Jose said "I'm a ford fan, I would never leave you there" and left. That's where we noticed he drove like 200m to get to us, he wasn't driving through there.

Pablo, myself and the car carpets were full of mud. Also, I had left the rubber mats at home, which made this a pain to clean.

All this wheel spinning without moving (the car wasn't digging on the mud, but mostly spinning the tires in the same place) made the car overheat, so we waited a few minutes for it to cool off while we took pictures.

My car ended up facing the wrong direction. Now, with the rear tires full of mud, I drove to the factory entrance you can see on street view, just to be sure there was enough space, and did the 180º turn I wanted. Really, it was more like 210º, I need to practice more.

The whole drive was done with the driver window down and the opposite side rear thing, which I don't know if qualifies a as window, open. That's because the passenger window won't go up without removing the door panel. I opened the other back window to get some airflow and remove some of the exhaust gases from inside the car, but a while later I had to stop because it detached from the front attachment points and was hanging just from one point. The glass could have been smashed against the rear quarter panel just by taking a bump too hard.


The timing got a little retarded while driving, so I stopped to fix it and get some fresh air. The radiator overflowed a little so we waited there a few minutes while letting the water cool off. Then we got the car home without any more problems




2_3 New Reader
10/10/17 10:19 a.m.
2_3 New Reader
12/7/17 2:11 p.m.

I've  not been working much on the car but I'm driving it on the weekends.

Braking feels better than before, although the car still pulls hard to the right. Wheels on the same axis end with the same
temperature, while they were way different before. Maybe the previous owner wasn't using the car as much as he said. The engine is
idling better, I don't have to rev it  just after starting  now. No idea why, as I didn't touch the carb for a while. Remember the first video where I was fighting the car to keep it in a straight line? that doesn't happen anymore, but it may be me getting used to driving this car

One week ago I almost lost one headlight, it got home hanging from the wires. All the front lights are properly fixed now but I need to
buy parts to be able to regulate the beam height correctly.

I took the fog lights out, turns out both worked when connected directly to the battery. Anyway, they were full of rust and the paint
was peeling off, so I ordered a new pair online which cost less than the paint to fix the old ones. These came yesterday but one was broken, I'm waiting to know if the seller is sending another set or returning the money

New ones: https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-609835945-faros-halogenos-antiniebla-blanco-o-ambar-101-juego-_JM

Old ones:


More E36 M3ty wiring:


I installed the battery top support which I bought months ago.


One day I got home and the sun had melted the plastic car cover all over the roof. It took around 3 hours to remove it and i bought a
better cover now.

Then, while washing the car, a lot of water got on the carpet again. I decided to take the wet parts out by cutting
them but noticed there is roof membrane between the floor and the carpet. I will remove everything later, but it's ok for now as it
will help preventing rust.

Lot of water is coming from around the windshield. I will have it and the rear glass re-sealed.

The guides for the windows are worn out and I couldn't find replacements. Everywhere I asked offered me the whole mechanism, which
costs a lot. I will try to 3d print the worn part. I've been riding without the passenger side window and door panel for a few weeks. I was surprised to find out that about half of the door weight comes from the glass

The auxiliary belt was loose but in my inexperience i wasn't noticing it. I took a stethoscope to the alternator while spinning it by
hand and decided to tighten the belt a little more. I was really close to disassemble the alternator. I recommend getting a cheap
stethoscope as it seems to be really useful to distinguish where the noises are coming from.


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