T_gagne New Reader
Oct. 26, 2015 8:25 p.m.

I figure as a long time lurker, this project would probably be a good place to start my first build thread. I figure it might also help me stay motivated, organized, and source some guidance and advice with the project.

As an intro, I’ve been working on motorcycles and cars for a few years, but mostly small maintenance and tuneup stuff. Primarily on motorcycles too, so this will be one of my first larger car projects.

Meet my first BMW, it is a 1985 325e, it's clean, very little rust (maybe a repaint?). Was a one owner car, and has spent the last 7 years or so sitting. I picked it up because it was so clean, shell alone seemed worth it up here with the awful new england salted roads, paid 1400.

Though tried to pull a fast one on AAA and tow without a plate, ended up having to fork out 250 to tow…

Budget to date:

1400 car + 250 tow = 1650

Some of my old projects:

1984 XL600R 1980 CB125S 1972 P1800S (Rot bucket) 1988 Volvo 240

The good: Clean paint Very little rust One owner Not beat on

The bad: A few funky electrical gremlins According to the previous owner it got a new dash, and since then the power windows and sunroof have not worked, any guess? fuse looks good, maybe an unhooked ground? Radio has no power? Also the “check” light will not stop flashing Smokes a good bit, hoping that new gas, some fresh oil (+a bit of lucas additive), and a bit of driving clears it up. No coolant appears in the oil, and no oil seems to be in the coolant. Tires Pads, brake flush Shock I don’t know when the timing belt was last down, so a belt and water pump are in the near future

The plan:

Clean daily driver, casual autocross/hillclimbs, spirited driving

Basic maintenance Timing belt and water pump Engine oil, coolant, flush Tires (looking for some nice 4x100 wheels too, what have you got?) Tranny fluid flush Diff fluid change New plugs Basic suspension, ball joints if needed, bushings as needed.

Fun stuff: Momo wheel (I have an old one laying around) Got some nice high bolster seats I’ll see if I can fab the seat rails to fit Looking for used sport/lowering springs, struts, shocks, etc? Anyone?

Cool, thanks reading, I’ll try to keep this updated as I get little things done.


Some photos of it from today, and older projects:

After cleaning it up today:

My old 1980 CB125S

Old MGBGT, slowly returning to the earth.

My friends real cool shop in Connecticut, he's been cleaning it up to make a motorcycle/coffee shop.

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