mad_machine MegaDork
11/17/12 2:49 p.m.

As most of you know.. I picked up well worn and mostly loved 850 two weeks ago:

While not a build thread in the strictest sense. I have been doing enough work to the car that it warrents something:


Timing belt- this includes the belt, tensioner, and waterpump. While I was there I flushed and refilled the cooling system with volvo coolant and replaced the thermostat (which was stuck open)


Roof rails- replaced the aluminum roof rails that were no longer rubber coated with plastic roof rails from a later S70

Grill- the chrom was worn, so I painted the slats black, leaving the outerrim, slash, and badge in chrome

Sidemarkers- Pulled from a C70, these european repeaters now flash with the turnsignals. These replaced the plastic "volvo" emblems on the front fenders

Trunk emblem- I yanked the "volvo" and "850" badges off of the trunk and replaced it with the chrome "volvo" lettering from the S70. To more emulate the latest volvos, I spaced the letters to properly mimic the 23 inche width of the current volvo nametag.

Interior: this is where I have done the most to clean up and update the car

Seats- Front Driver's seat was replaced with a matching tan/taupe seat from a wrecked 850 found in a junkyard. this also fixed the heated seats issue and cost me all of 28 dollars

Door Panels- Both driver's side panels were replaced by ones from that same wrecked 850

Dashpad- again, pulled from tht same 850, but was in charcoal instead of tan/taupe

Steering wheel- Mine had lost most of it's leather covering at the top. A different wrecked 850 donated it's wheel rim to make my car look better

Center rear armrest - Taken from the S70 for it's cupholders

Center rear headrest- also taken from the S70

rear parcel tray - again, the S70 donated it's parcel tray to help clean up and modernize my 850. I dyed and painted it black

Rear View Mirror- fully self dimming, taken from the C70. Most of the forums said it would never work as it is part of the C70's alarm system. I just found the two wires that power it and clipped the alarm wires. Works like a charm

Interior light buttons- taken from the same c70. Rather than tan/taupe buttons, I now have charcoal

Trip computer/OBC - Taken from another 850 in that yard.. this will soon grace the guages of mine

So many small projects that were not worth photographing have made this car a delight to drive. It is certainly no longer embarissing to be seen in or to have people ride with me

jazzop New Reader
12/9/12 5:38 p.m.

Funny, I just picked up a 5-speed '96 850 GLT wagon as well. Time was of the essence because I needed a car for work and there were no rentals available near NYC after Sandy hit. I found this gem for $900, and so far I've gotten more than my money's worth. This car is way bigger than anything I'm used to or prefer, but I only had 48 hours to find and buy a car with a hatch (not trunk) that was immediately driveable (i.e., no projects) and that I could tolerate (i.e., not 'Murrican or automatic).

This weekend I'm doing an ignition tune-up and putting on Koni yellows, Eibach springs, 25mm swaybars, and new urethane bushings all around. Next month will be the brake system upgrade.

Let me know if you find some cool stuff in the parts yard. Foglights and a CD changer seem to be the only things I'm lacking though, as this things appears to be fully optioned out. A second set of wheels would be nice, too.

PS122 Reader
12/21/12 2:12 p.m.

I'll be watching this one! I recently traded my CRX for a 95 850 Turbo and am in the process of bringing the maintenance up to date (PCV work, timing belt, water pump, and the like).

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