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hhaase HalfDork
5/11/19 11:09 p.m.

Yeah, that's one thing I'm considering. Just saying screw it, deal with the fact im in SSM, and go nuts.  Just that it may lead in a direction not very conductive toward the one-lap goal if I do that.  Was having some talks with a couple organizers today about how myself, and a bunch of other guys in low powered 2-seaters, may get screwed by this change.  So there's a lot up in the air right now with how things are going to proceed.

I guess that's the rub of my issue.  I was doing two things with the car that were going along a similar path and worked well with each other.  Now those two things may go in very different directions.   I may have to choose one of those two things to the exclusion of the other.



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