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75280z Reader
8/17/18 12:26 a.m.

Here is the video of the alternator replacement, wiring in the fans, replacing the fuel filler neck, and fixing the huge vacuum leak on the 510. 






75280z Reader
8/21/18 2:00 a.m.

Lots of work on the car in the past week (interior rust repair), not reflected in this post. I did however add ~50 pictures (likely more) to this build thread feel free to click through and see what I have been up to.  I need to get back to making detailed notes. I have somewhat stopped since I make a Youtube video of all of the updates it is like having 3 different forms of the information and it gets tiring and distracts from just working on the car. That being said, my videos only get like 100 views, so maybe I should just stick to pictures and words.


Any advice on the videos would be helpful

75280z Reader
8/25/18 10:33 p.m.

Well this happened today. The wife really liked it, the paperwork seemed to be in order. We will take delivery next week if all goes well. I don't have a lot of plans for it other than a very deep clean and a bit of engine cleaning as well.


75280z Reader
9/3/18 1:14 p.m.

I also added more text content to the past couple posts because I decided to type out the information that was in my paper garage journal. So if you go are revisiting my thread for the first time in a few months I suggest you go back a couple posts to see the work that has been done.

Project Log (12 Aug 18):

I have been unsuccessful so far in getting a new stock fan for the car, and like an idiot I pitched the old radiator and fan shroud (I know I am an idiot). Somewhere in the past few weeks i replaced the radiator, but forgot to note the time and date. As I wait to find the fan I decided to replace the driver’s side floorboard and perhaps the rocker panel (as it is completely rusted out in the rear)

To Do (Daily):

  1. ☑ Remove interior

  2. ☑ Start removing sound deadening from drivers floor board

1. The carpet and seats removed easily. I put them in a box to get them out of the way

2. The sound deadening removed with a chisel and a hammer fairly easily

  • Remove the large portions with a hammer first

  • Then use a wirewheel to clean up the last of the remnants if you want my opinion on the best way to do this in an efficient manner

  • Remove the undercoating with a wire wheel

  • CAUTION: You Should always wear eye protection, breathing apparatus, and hearing protection when operating a wire wheel or sander (i have been coughing up some nasty crud, be smarter than me)

Note: Looking at the situation it is clear to me that I will have to replace the frame rail as well on the drivers side it has given up the ghost and is not doing its job.

Link to Timelapse:


Project Log (13 Aug 18):

Drivers Floorboard removal continues, I have removed ~90% of the drivers floorboard, broke my spot weld drill bit in the first ~5 minutes will have to buy another. I have been using the cut off wheel on the 4.5” angle grinder. I have been attempting to be very careful in how I cut and operate the cut off wheel in these close spaces it would be very easy for me to hurt myself a TON.


I also added more text content to the past couple posts because I decided to type out the information that was in my paper garage journal. So if you go are revisiting my thread for the first time in a few months I suggest you go back a couple posts to see the work that has been done.


75280z Reader
9/3/18 2:34 p.m.

Project Log (19 Aug 18):

Drivers Floorboard rust repair continues, firewall got cut. The frame piece underneath seems solid, just need to sand it down, get the remaining spot welds out, make a new piece. It was a short day today, just was too hot to do much, and we were doing stuff as a family.

To Do (Daily):

  1. ☑ Cut the chunk of firewall off

1. Cut the firewall piece out of the way so I can fashion the firewall extension piece.

  • The spot welds were a pain in the bum, but it is nice to get the pieces out of the car


  • I ran out of welding wire on Saturday and didn’t get to Harbor freight before they closed (Sunday)



Project Log (24 Aug 18): Start Time: 1730 End Time: 2100
Drivers Floorboard rust repair continues

To Do (Daily):

  1. ☑ Make the firewall extender sheet metal

  2. ☑ Finish Welding the frame rail under the seat and to the old rail

  3. ☑ Replace the front corner metal on the side (by the outer skin)

  4. ☑ Finish welding up small holes from the floorboard patches I made

1. The firewall has metal that extends down under the floorboard. It goes through in about a 90 degree angle. I measure the panel it is ~ 17.5” long and 7” wide. I created the panel with a ~1” overlap with the firewall the purpose is to attach the panel with spot welds, then use seam sealer to ensure I don’t get a bunch of moisture after adding the panel. The floorboard will also overlap this piece and I will use the same process to connect the floorboard to the firewall panel. The panel was created with a harbor freight metal brake, I added two bends to give the panel a more natural curve that I will finish with a hammer and clamps. I wanted to get this whole panel finished tonight, but realized I needed to paint on the rust converter before welding everything together.

  • The piece was originally too long so I had to trim it down a bit

  • I am still using the metal given to me by a buddy

  • I have been making sure to smooth the sides with a snader so I don’t have a ton of jagged edges

2. I am still not a great welder so the frame rail got finished stitch welded together. This was a weld grind weld grind process, but in the end I think it turned out well and is very solid (compared to the old rusted out frame). I finished the spot welds at the back of the frame as well.

3. The panel that is around the door (kick panel?) . The front corner was completely rusted. I cut it out and welded in another piece. I don’t think the repair will last forever, the metal around that area is pretty bad, but this will help keep moisture out of the new panels going into the car. The rocker panel and front fender definitely need replaced, but I will get to those at a later date

4. There were a few small panels that needed the holes finished welding up, I did that today.


  • 4 ½” wire wheels are very scary to me. I am always afraid it is going to wrap me up

    • One became a needle and flew off and embedded itself in my leg, it hurt

  • I ripped another pair of shorts today. This summer has been rough on my garage clothes I have had most of my pants/shorts the better part of a decade and they are finally giving up the ghost (the wife is not sad)

  • Still not looking forward to changing the rocker panels, hopefully this will be good practice

  • I did a lot of sanding getting the car ready to go back together

75280z Reader
9/9/18 2:09 a.m.

Project Log (1 Sept 18):  Start Time: Not Recorded  End Time:Not Recorded
Tac’d in Firewall and Floorboard today

To Do (Daily):

  1. ☑ Attached Firewall extender

  2. ☑ Tac weld in Floor board

1. I continue to weld in the floorboard, I want to ensure that I get it well secured in the car. I did not have a good way to clamp down the floorboard to the rail I made so the gaps between the rail and the floorboard in a few places is larger than I really want, but it will have to do. I keep burning through the floorboard while welding


Project Log (8 Sept 18):  Start Time: 0945 End Time: 1330
Finished the driver’s floorboard welding today, and then moved on to the rocker panel.

To Do (Daily):

  1. ☑ Finished welding drivers floorboard

  2. Removed doors

  3. Cleaned up Rocker Panel

1. The drivers floorboard had a bit more welding to do today, I attempted to weld the frame to the floorboard a bit more today, but was largely unsuccessful welding upside down. I tried bending the frame lip to touch the floorboard a little better, but it seemed to warp away when I started welding

The floorboard had 5-6 different places where there were still large holes or seams that needed to be welded to each other. I was largely more successful welding today without large burn-throughs or large globs of weld so that is promising.

After it was welded up I got out the grinder and ground down the welds. I made sure to put on a breathing mask, eye protection and ear protection so I wouldn’t be coughing up crap for the rest of the day, and could hear what the family says at dinner.

2. I removed the doors to start work on the rocker panels I figure before I start seam sealing and painting I will replace all the metal on this portion of the car (if possible). The doors came off with 5 bolts each. I marked each of the hinge locations so I can hopefully get them close to lining up when I put it all back together

3. Using a wire wheel I started removing the paint on the rocker panel to see the current extent of damage. They aren’t a total loss, but they are very bad so I will be replacing VERY large portions of the rocker panels.



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