blinky126 New Reader
6/19/14 3:19 p.m.

Hello everyone, today and the next year I am going to be making a show car out of a Peugeot 106 independence (1997), I know it is going to take alot of work to make a really nice show car out of this but im taking a challenge.(Sorry about the people in the picture, its my Nan and granddad)

This is on a tight budget as im only 15 so it will take longer than most of the other cars on here. Any way a little about the car, I bought the car for £205 of ebay and as you can tell you don't get a lot of car for that money.There is alot of things to do to the car which I will get to soon.The car is a 1.1 (I know a tiny engine)but the car also has to be a first car for me as well as a show car.

Things I will be doing to the car are:

Smoothing the whole car(Bodywork, trim and all that kinda stuff)

keeping the standard bodywork but i am smoothing it out.

respraying the car white.

changing the wheels, removing all the badges, fixing all dents, sound system and whole lot more.(I will list them in a later date)

The next update will be in two days time

irish44j PowerDork
6/19/14 7:43 p.m.

I hate you euros for being able to get cool little Peugeots....all I want is a damn 205GTI. Is that too much to ask???? lol...

Nice project, looking forward to following.

Wally MegaDork
6/19/14 8:11 p.m.

Good luck, they are cool little cars.

In reply to irish44j: It seems like it is though the Japanese import threads have me thinking about one, I would like one like this.


RossD PowerDork
6/20/14 7:41 a.m.

Looks like a neat little car! Congrats and welcome! Make sure you give us Americans lots of pictures because most of us probably have little experience with Peugeots.

blinky126 New Reader
6/20/14 1:20 p.m.

In reply to RossD: Alright i will, thanks for the tip.

blinky126 New Reader
6/20/14 1:31 p.m.

A picture of the interior, It needs a clean but most of of the stuff is being replaced anyway.

blinky126 New Reader
6/20/14 1:42 p.m.

So today I started to clean the car and I came across this under the front passenger side (Under the carpet). Yes this is a puddle of water but it has got to the metal floor. (Under that) I am lucky that I caught this now or it could of caused alot of rust or even holes. I do know how this water got here and its from the sunroof and the windscreen.

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