brypar None
2/2/16 12:43 a.m.

Hi guys,

New to these forums but wanted to share my build that has been going now for a couple of years. It's a 1984 Nissan Skyline RS-X. Originally it was being built for IPRA (Improved Production). Quite a strict class in terms of what you can modify but the cars go pretty well. But after getting about half way through the build I felt I couldn't build a competitive car for my budget so I changed direction, and being an engineer wanted some more freedoms, so although the time attack part of the build hasn't started yet (the plan is to get the car running before then detailing and analysing upgrades as I put them on the car.

Details: Weld-in 6 point cage with basic bars to the front strut towers S13 Silvia front uprights along with 2 way adjustable coilovers (DR30 strut tops on the front and my own adapters on the rear. Also my own design tie rod end with spherical bearings to help adjust out the bump steer issues that the S13 uprights brought with them!) AP Racing 4 spot front calipers with 310mm Alcon discs - front - hats and adapters my design AP racing Lotus 2 spot calipers with 285mm F3 discs - rear - hats and adapters my design FJ20 currently being built with aftermarket rods and pistons, Borg Warner EFR (their smallest one!). Should have very little lag and be a nice drivable engine. Standard 5 speed gearbox Standard LSD differential 15x8 budget wheels with Dunlop Formula R tyres

The car should be running in about a month once the engine is back. I've been busy prepping the engine bay so I can bolt everything back in. Once it's rolling again I'll be adding some more tabs to the cage to tie it into the body a little better and then painting the inside and outside of the car myself. Once that's done it's off to a friend to wire the car up and get it tuned. Deadline is supposed to be March 13 but it wont happen...

And this is where I want the car to be in 2017!

aussiesmg MegaDork
2/2/16 6:02 a.m.

Memories of Skaife and Seton ignited, Group A rulez.

GameboyRMH MegaDork
2/2/16 7:37 a.m.

Lookin' good! And I like the body kit idea, it even has box flares!

You should put some tubing around those SS brake lines to keep them from rubbing on your coilovers though. You can cut a slit in some fuel hose and strap it on with zip ties, that's what I did.

edizzle89 HalfDork
2/2/16 8:11 a.m.

ah, the unloved skyline, i love it!

2/2/16 8:45 a.m.

Nice! Look forward to following this.

brypar New Reader
2/2/16 1:50 p.m.

I forgot the mention I want to try and add some wheel tubs to the rear so that when I do the next round of upgrades that will include the big wheels there is lots of clearance! Once the car is running the next big upgrades will be to the suspension and brakes - the car is going to be a bit of a test bed for my business:

Front uprights (Brypar) and aero tube lower control arms Front brakes (Brypar) Front subframe (to move engine further back and lower in chassis for better polar moment and CG and also to alter the lower wishbone pickups and lighter weight) Rear uprights (Brypar) and aero tube lower control arms Rear subframe to alter pickups and lower weight Rear brakes (Brypar)

Might also change the coilovers at this point, or have them valved to suit the setup. The rears which we from the Silvia have an external canister that sits right where the tyre would go so I'll at a minimum have the have the rears modified to move the canister.

All of this so I can use the biggest tyres I'm allowed to run in the class (295/35R18) on an 18x11 wheel. More time will come from making the best use of this bigger tyre coupled with a reasonably efficient aero package (more on that later though)

mbruneaux New Reader
2/2/16 6:09 p.m.

Very Cool

moparman76_69 UltraDork
2/3/16 9:15 a.m.

R31 skylines are sweet.

brypar New Reader
2/3/16 4:21 p.m.

While I'm waiting to save up the more funds I've been busy design new uprights for the next phase... will post some more images when I'm happy with them.

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