8/4/12 9:48 p.m.

Well a while back I peered in a backyard close by, to find a couple of Opels. One was a Auto Kadette, and the other was a '74 Manta. Before I knew it Im walking out the door with a title in hand!

Anyways, Shes a rusted out POS. Except the mechanics are good.Interior has that nasty smell, and is crap. Cosmetically with some rubbing out on the paint she won't be to bad! Until you sit down and find your butt rubbing the road. Honestly she can't be worth to much more than a few parts then the scrap yard. ;( Anyone interested>?

But I've done some feeling out and the rust just scares people away. If I had a parking spot I'd save her for $20XX challenge. But until then she either needs to be gone or driven daily.

So with no interest, I really need to save her because I'm resisting taking her to the scrap yard. Anyways Long Story short, Floors and sills gone. The sills are structural on this thing to. How hard would it be to go about making a half tube frame. Just something to replace the sills to keep her structurally sound and safe to drive. Doesn't have to look pretty or anything. As long as its cheap, cheap, and cheap, and easy. I just don't know how to go about choosing a mounting place and stuff to have a support to replace the sills frame rigidity.

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