Matt Huffman
Matt Huffman New Reader
6/10/16 1:04 p.m.

Contact at hufflepuff25 at gmail dot com Located in Washington, DC area. Asking $5,000

Well-documented and viewed in the G2IC thread:

OVERVIEW - 1992 Acura Integra RS (true RS, no sunroof) - NASA TTE classed w/ dyno reclass - Original B18A1 - 109k miles - Min weight 2400# w/ 185 pound driver with 40 pounds removable ballast (comes with up to 80# ballast) - 143WHP with restrictor plate (comes with 3 different plates, roughly 137, 140, 143 WHP) - No restrictor plate is roughly 146WHP

DESCRIPTION For sale in my Integra RS track car. This is a well-sorted, reliable, turn-key car. The objective was to build a fast, reliable, practical, low-cost time attack platform, and the car achieved every one of those goals. I've been tracking it since 2013 and developed it for the NASA TTE time trials class, in which it has amassed an impressive number of wins and a great win ratio. It has never placed lower than 2nd place in any race, even at Nationals.

It is street-driven to and from events with historic tags. Since it's a spacious hatchback, I can drive to and from the track with everything needed for an entire race weekend, including food, camping supplies, race wheels/tires, tools, spares, fluids, safety gear, etc. I also have maintenance records and receipts. Gobs of maintenance and sweat equity went into the build to ensure reliability, especially since i street drive 4 hours to and from events.

UPDATE: Just installed a freshly built head (valve job, valve seals, milled) and gaskets. Car is driving better than ever.

Has one rust spot along the rocker in front of the rear wheel. Spot is very small, not visible, and has been treated to prevent spreading. The underbody is very clean overall. The 4th gear synchronizer has always had a slight grind if rushing the upshift, but it is mild and didn't stop me from obliterating the VIR track record. ;-) There's on small chip in the windshield from an S2000 throwing gravel into it the weekend after I had a BRAND NEW one installed. The price reflects these aspects.

Since 15x8 is not legal in HC, I'm offering the car without wheels for the price above (you bring your own). If you're interested, the following options are available: - Konig Flatout 15x8" +25 wheels with Maxxis RC1 205/50/15 slicks (DRY) for $600 - 14x5.5" Miata wheels with Dunlop star spec tires for transport / street wheels/tires $200

Comes with NASA TT log book. This car is an excellent base for a Honda Challenge HC2 build (the 6-point rollbar is HC legal and expandable into a full 8-point), and a super way to get into track days / HPDE in a car that's easy and comfortable to drive.

ENGINE/TRANS - DC sports header - deleted cat - mandrel bent welded 2.25" exhaust with magnaflow bullet and magnaflow oval muffler - CTR N1 crank pulley - True cold air intake w/ large AEM dryflow filter - JDM GSR YS1 cable transaxle (rare) with OEM Honda LSD - Fidanza flywheel - Raxles racing axles (both sides) - Fast Line Performance (FPL) shifter & Energy Suspension shifter bushings - Polyurethane filled engine and transaxle mounts - Champion 3-row racing radiator - Flyin' Miata hood vents - PCV oil catch can - Lightweight U1R battery w/ custom mounting - FITV delete

SUSPENSION/STEERING - Tokico illumina adjustable dampers - ground control coilover conversion perches - 12k front and 10k rear spring rates (672/560 lbs/in) - All polyurethane suspension bushings (combination of prothane and energy suspension) - Custom extended front top hats, TIG welded - power steering delete - ARP lug studs

BRAKES - All fresh hardware - S.S. hoses - removed heat shields - Hawk DTC-60 front pads - Speed bleeders - Centric 125 series high carbon rotors - Integra GSR master cylinder and booster

SAFETY/INTERIOR - 6 point roll bar, combination mig welding to chassis and tig welding between bars, floor plates extended to rockers/uprights - Welded DOM rear strut tower brace - Sparco sprint V FIA racing seats with custom sliders - RCI 5-point harnesses with proper swivel ends - oil pressure/temperature and air:fuel gauges - dished steering wheel

EXTERIOR - Raceequip tow strap - Lightweight one piece headlights - Rolled fenders - Lightweight DOM front crash bar (OEM bumper reinforcement included w/ sale)

WINS/RECORDS - NASA TTE VIR track record holder, 2:14:2 - Only 0.4 seconds off Summit Point lap record (tire change would easily brake that record) - Competed in 2015 Tirerack/Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Ultimate Track Car Challenge (UTCC) (appeared in the magazine coverage) - 2015 NASA East Coast Championships: 2nd place TTE - 2014: 9 races, 6 wins, 3 second place - 2015: 10 races, 10 wins (undefeated)




Matt Huffman
Matt Huffman New Reader
8/8/16 6:47 p.m.

UPDATE: back on the market. Freshly built head, gaskets, and seals. Driving stronger than ever.

Matt Huffman
Matt Huffman New Reader
11/30/16 5:44 p.m.


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