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12/17/18 1:28 p.m.

When our friend Curt Vogt from Cobra Automotive, Inc. shared this Meyers Manx, we couldn't help but think about our own 1967 project Manx and how many heads it turns during outings.

According to Curt, this example is an early version without a traditional serial plate, but wears the Manx dash plate proudly, with a certificate of authenticity.

The buggy is sold with the original title for the VW it was built on, featuring many new parts. It has the 1914cc motor with Weber carburetor, a heavy duty transaxle assembly, and front disc brakes for ample stopping power.

That stunning orange metal flake body is original, as this is a ground-up restoration with lots of documented progress. The goal of the restoration was to maintain a period-correct build, offering a well-sorted final product.

You can contact Cobra Automotive about this car at (203) 284-3863.

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