Miles Wilson
Miles Wilson Reader Services
12/19/18 9:20 a.m.

How does one purchase an all-original Corvette with less than 3000 miles? Well, most people would head down to the dealership and start looking at new models. After all, at 3000 miles most cars haven't even had their first oil change.

Then an example like this comes around--a 1967 which was driven sparingly and carefully stored for over 50 years. This model has more in common with a museum piece than a show car too, with all the factory errors and as-delivered options. If you are looking for a time capsule of 60's-era American muscle, this is as close as it gets.

As the Mecum listing puts it: there are a plethora of restorations available, but a rare few cars that tell their story with truly original parts.

Further details from the listing:

• Preserved unrestored in as-new condition
• 2996 total miles, all driven by the original owner
• No one known to sit in the passenger seat
• Baggage never carried in the rear compartment
• Original VIN stamps on engine, transmission, body, and frame
• Original window sticker, order copy, warranty book and dealer docs
• Original tank sticker never removed
• GM documented options: 427 ci, 390 hp V8, 3.36:1 gear ratio, tinted glass, telescopic steering column, dual side exhaust, aluminum alloy wheels, Dayton tires mounted by the dealer on day one
• No damage history
• Minor conservation treatment on engine and accessories
• Unbroken chain of custody from date of manufacture to present
• Sets a standard of measurement for historical accuracy and provenance

This Corvette will sell alongside a total of 3500 collector vehicles at Mecum's Kissimmee 2019 auctions, taking place from January 3rd-13th.

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stuart in mn
stuart in mn UltimaDork
12/19/18 1:16 p.m.

You have to wonder about the back story on that car...why was it only driven 3000 miles.  There's some interesting documentation posted on the Mecum website, but it only describes the condition of the car and what was done to recommission it.

GTXVette SuperDork
12/20/18 8:59 p.m.

A Man I Have Worked For has a 66 427/4 speed with just 60 thousand miles, He Let's Me Drive it to Shows,  Sweet, And my Fav. car of His,

AngryCorvair MegaDork
12/20/18 9:03 p.m.

That’s less than 6000 drag passes, assuming it was driven down the return road...

Datsun310Guy UltimaDork
12/20/18 9:05 p.m.

I couldn’t do it.  427? 4-speed? Factory side pipes?  1967?   

It would’ve been driven 3,000 miles the first 6 weeks.  

Have you heard the noise that comes out of those 427 side pipes?   It’s a drug.  

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