Peter Brock
Peter Brock
10/22/20 8:30 a.m.

I really look forward to attending concours, vintage races and car shows in different parts of the world because of the wonderful insights the entrants bring with their cars. Geographic locale can also provide special history because certain automobiles may have originated nearby, and their owners often possess a unique connection that provides fascinating detail that could never be found in the car’s official written history.

Several times each year I’m invited to judge at these events or to speak on automotive design and history. Through my 60-plus active years in the auto industry, I’ve also collected an impressive photo archive of historically significant vehicles. I enjoy sharing the design progression of these vehicles and inventions that have led us to today’s best along with the great stories and people behind them. I never leave without having learned some arcane detail from the car’s owners, entrusted with the responsibility of making sure their vehicles survive until the next generation acquires it.

A particular delight is being asked to judge a personal favorite at an event. Since there are always highly qualified judges for each class at these events, I try to recognize those entrants who bring cars they love, even though they know in their hearts that they’ll never have a chance of scoring a big win. 

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