Story by Robert Bowen • Photography by the author author unless otherwise credited

Steve Thomton has always had a soft spot for Big Healeys: He met and dated his wife while driving a Healey 100/6, and he has owned a few other cars from the famed builder over the years. His current one, however, is not just another restored driver. It’s a fuel-injected, resto-modded rally replica built with an obsessive attention to detail and an impressive list of modifications.

Looking at the quality of work that went into this 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 BJ7 and the level of comfort features added, it’s no surprise that Steve dabbled in traditional American hotrods for a number of years. His most recent project was a 1940 Ford done in classic hotrod style with a small-block Chevy. It was beautiful, too, and won a number of awards, including best paint at Denver’s Annual Thanksgiving Greybeard show.

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