Carl Heideman
Carl Heideman
2/13/05 10:00 p.m.

One of the problems with modern paint is that you can really make it shine. As a result, bodywork has to be straighter than ever, because the high gloss of the paint makes every imperfection stand out. Even though our Modern Midget is very straight–-we measured welding distortion with feeler gauges, not rulers–-we’ve got to get it straight before the paint goes on.

While body filler (aka Bondo) deservedly gets a bad name when used improperly, it’s very common for cars to get an entire skim coat of filler before primer and paint. So, we got out our boat oars and started slinging mud at the Midget, skimming nearly the entire body in the process.

For those of you who are shocked by this, don’t worry: Most of the filler ends up getting sanded off, swept up, and thrown away. In the end, there will be less than .020-in. of filler in most places.

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