Scott Lear
Scott Lear
8/18/08 11:45 a.m.

We owe a lot to the car companies that were brave—or desperate—enough to bring something truly new to the mass market. With trillions of dollars in earnings on the line, one can’t really blame them for playing it safe most of the time. Rather than springing some wonderful, unusual creation on the unsuspecting public, most manufacturers minimize risk by taking baby steps that gently evolve their already successful products.

Still, every few years someone really throws the dice. Designers take the majority of these gambles, producing results like the polarizing BMW M coupe or the abominable Pontiac Aztek. Basic layout is harder to fiddle with, but ask anyone who’s ever had the fortune of piloting a McLaren F1 and they’ll tell you that the unusual central seating position is tops.

And once in a long while, a totally different kind of powerplant is allowed to move from the rotating platforms of the big auto shows to the showrooms.

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Rupert HalfDork
5/13/10 10:40 a.m.

Great Car! I'm not surprised who owns it. If there are others out there with Cosmos, RX-2s, RX-3s or series 1 RX-7s, please share your pictures with us!

GLK New Reader
7/5/19 5:19 p.m.

I agree. We should be thankful for out of the box thinking. It’s too bad the rotary is difficult to tame emissions-wise and is a bit too thirsty. A great engine that was a brave move by Mazda to mass produce nonetheless.

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