Carl Heideman
Carl Heideman
6/11/03 9:13 p.m.

Work has been progressing quickly on the Project Midget. In the past month, we've completely disassembled the car following a thorough inspection. We've been very pleased with the overall condition of the car and it came apart much easier than most of the cars we see up here in Michigan.

The car is now a bare shell surrounded by boxes of parts on shelves and a pile of fenders and doors in the corner.

During the disassembly, we found several surprises. There was more rust than we'd expected. We found small rust holes in the floors, trunk floor, one fender, and one rear quarter panel. The lower door hinge mounts are very weak, and the battery box had been rusted and poorly repaired by a previous owner. None of this rust is terminal, and we'll be showing you how we make the repairs.

We found some other surprises. At some point, part of the gearbox tunnel around the shifter and radio console had been cut away, then fiberglassed back into place. The convertible top mounting area in the rear scuttle has been repaired for some reason with a combination of body filler, extra-thin sheet metal, and pop-rivets. We won't know why until we strip the paint.

In the coming weeks we'll be stripping the paint as well as starting the mechanical restoration on some of the parts waiting on the shelves.

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