Sarah Young
Sarah Young Editorial/Art Assistant
1/8/09 11:06 a.m.

“Also sprach Zarathustra”—the epic bars of this tone poem are profundity’s theme song, the soundtrack to giant leaps for humankind.

Famously known for being the musical motif in “2001: A Space Odyssey” (and described by many as “that song that goes ‘bum...bum...bum...BUM-BUM!’”), the melody conjures images of an advanced era of sleek furnishings and metallic sportswear, of a dark hemisphere of the earth turning to meet the blazing sunrise, of a spacecraft plunging ever farther into the black and lonely depths of our galaxy, of—a Zamboni?

While this Zamboni might not be a benchmark of technological progress on par with the space shuttle, it did mark a new step forward for humankind: It was the first time ever that someone entered an ice resurfacer in the Kumho Tires Grassroots Motorsports $200X Challenge presented by eBay Motors and CDOC. The Zamboni was prepared to take on mere mortal vehicles—Miatas, CRXs and the like—in an autocross, concours and drag race competition that stipulates a strict budget cap of $2007 for the total cost of each vehicle.

When this specimen was unveiled from its trailer amidst a rolling fog (care of a fog machine), the Tennessee team of Lee Graser, Shaun Hinds, Stan Hinds and Jim Stockburger knew precisely how to mark this momentous occasion: They blared “Also sprach Zarathustra” from a set of speakers. Scott Hinds acted as the Zamboni’s ambassador, sporting a Fu Manchu mustache and a hockey uniform, spreading his arms before the creation as if to say to his fellow Challenge competitors, “We come in peace, but we come to win.”

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ansonivan Dork
3/4/09 9:30 a.m.

Nice writeup.

stk_88_ef New Reader
10/18/09 8:32 p.m.

I remember when they rolled that thing out, I was really confused and excited at the same time! Then when they took the body off it made a lil more since...

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