nderwater PowerDork
12/9/08 11:53 a.m.

A friend of the family has one. He bought a Boxster a few years ago and became an instant Porsche "believer." He replaced it with a 996, and recently picked up the Cayenne S to share with his wife as their 'utility' Porsche. While I can follow his logic, my personal opinion is closer to Joe's above.

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conedodger New Reader
1/4/09 11:31 a.m.

I can't agree with Joe on this at all. My family needs something large enough to haul us (6) and our stuff. We occasionally do some light off-road driving. I tow my cars to the autocrosses and the track because they only seat two and I always have more than two of us that want to go. That calls for an SUV or a truck unless I am missing a vehicle that could do these same jobs. Added to that, I am a Porschephile. I own two 914's and an '84 Carrera. I want an SUV and frankly my '99 Supercharged 4Runner does just fine. My wife who gets mostly left out of the car activities wants a Cayenne S. I think a Cayenne S will meet my need for a vehicle that can haul all of us with our stuff and tow my tiny little race-fleet. The big plus for me though is that it includes my wife in my hobby. It is a vehicle that makes her part of the club that I am most active in. It makes her an enthusiast. She is a pretty simple gal. No Prada in sight. You are right, she will not be clipping any apexes on her way to her office. But I will... ;)

Joe Gearin
Joe Gearin Associate Publisher
1/7/09 9:32 a.m.

Yeah, I guess I was a little harsh, and I do understand conedodger's point of getting his wife involved in the hobby. I can't say that I have any fondness for the Cayenne though. I'd rather use the money to buy the wife a mint 356 convertible. What wife wouldn't like a bathtub classic that will appreciate in value, and look great doing it?

ok.....I guess there are a ton of women (and men) who would rather have a modern, comfortable, SUV instead of an old classic car.

different strokes......

conedodger New Reader
1/7/09 8:47 p.m.

You have to understand my wife Joe, she would love for ME to own a 356 cab but she would never drive it. She would just demand drives. She needs a car that says she is successful (according to her) as she is in business. She wants a ton of iron around her. She loves to ride with me on an autocross course but I doubt we could get her to drive. Her choice... I don't want her to do it because I want her to.

I see your points as well. It just works for me. I haven't caved in yet but I will, if I can talk her into a nice used one they have dropped nicely in price ;)

mblommel Reader
1/26/09 7:52 p.m.

porsche truck... barf.

andrave Dork
6/4/09 9:50 a.m.

I can't afford one, but I think I look at everyone that drives one (much like I do those in H2's) as a pompous ass.

If I could afford one, though, I think I might view them differently.

My job requires me to drive on mountain roads in West Virginia on a weekly basis. Highway, two lane, one lane, etc. Through inclement weather and variable conditions. I'm a skiier, a kayaker, and a mountain biker. I tow a trailer to haul my ATV and camping gear around. I can only afford one vehicle. Right now I've got a Nissan Pathfinder, and its great, its comfortable, it tows well, and I can stow my gear in it or on top of it. A car just wouldn't work for me. I need an SUV. But it sure would be great to have a Porsche to nail the apexes of those mountain roads on sunny days, and fly past the log trucks on the straight stretches.

Hmm... maybe a Porsche SUV actually does have a place in this world.

Tom Heath
Tom Heath UberDork
12/10/13 12:00 a.m.

Okay, we're finally getting used to the fact that Porsche makes an SUV. But don't think of it as a soccer taxi--the Cayenne is marketed as a sporty, fun-to-drive performance SUV that's still capable of real truck work. The 2008 model also improves on the horsepower and economy figures of the earlier models.

The 4.8-liter V8 emits a hint of a snarl upon startup, but that's about the end of the excitment from the driver's seat. The Cayenne is much better-suited to relaxed cruising or a trip to the mall. It provides a comfortable ride around town, and it's great on long highway trips if you can afford the gas.

The Cayenne S is rated to tow 7700 pounds, making it a suitable candidate for pulling your 911 to the track. The Cayenne makes much more sense as a towing vehicle than it does as a performance vehicle. It's not that the engine and suspension aren't capable, but even Porsche engineering can't make the Cayenne feel light on its feet.

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