Craigorypeck Reader
5/9/19 9:14 p.m.

In attempting to put together an entire system with parts that I can make fit...

I can just about squeeze condenser up front and electric steering has opened a space in the engine bay... but the evaporator and blower is the main issue. 

All the under dash style/universal stand alone items are just too big. 

The stock heater box will just stay where it is but I'm gonna remove the glove box.. Mount it in that area and somehow just attach the door to cover it up. 

All systems i see have those hampster style blower motors. Can i just use an evaporator with a normal style small radiator fan?  Does it have to be enclosed?? Surely all it needs is a drip tray to collect moisture and drain out?

Ive never played with a.c. before so any info is much appreciated. 



Vigo UltimaDork
5/9/19 9:37 p.m.

Technically if you don't care about ducting  the flow out of it you can just hang the evaporator inside the car and mount a 6" motorcycle radiator fan (strongish) straight to it. The main thing would be supporting it so it's not hanging off of its aluminum piping. 

Curtis UltimaDork
5/10/19 2:20 p.m.

When you say "squeeze" a condenser... make sure it is big enough.  It is probably the most critical component since it is what sheds the heat.  It's not just that you won't get enough cooling, the hot side will constantly trip the switch and you'll get zero cooling.

You can use any kind of fan you want.  Squirrel cage fans are used primarily because of their CFM/noise ratio.  You can move more air quieter with a squirrel cage.

Curtis UltimaDork
5/10/19 2:22 p.m.

I did the opposite once for heat in an old scout 80.  I had a spare aux cooler from an old transmission cooling project with its own dedicated 8" fan.  I plumbed it with coolant under the dash and a spiggot valve.  The valve controlled how much heat and the fan was just on a switch.  It was deafening, but incredibly effective.

Craigorypeck Reader
5/10/19 3:01 p.m.

I'm not that bothered about the db level as its so noisey in there anyway. Noise cancelling headphones are usually on lol..

This is the condenser im looking at.

I'd need to start cutting to get anything bigger in.. 

Should the evaporator be sized accordingly to the condenser? Or does that matter?


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