GhiaMonster Reader
2/15/12 9:16 p.m.

I know it is a terrible idea to come to you guys to ask about a car purchase, but wanted to see if there was any collective knowledge on old Audis. I know regular old 80's / 90's Audis, but now I am talking really old, as in 1965 Audi / DKW. Got a text yesterday about a barn find 1965 Audi F-12 Roadster in my hometown area. If nothing else an F-12 Roadster is a really cool name. Looking up a picture of one leaves a little to be desired, best described as the styling of an Amphi-car without the functionality of a boat.

Back to the story it is the proverbial ran when parked in 1989, only needs a battery and tires to get it moving. I highly doubt this, and hope to launch an investigation this weekend. At first I completely wrote it off as I already have a Karmann Ghia that is an ongoing driver / project. Engine is currently scattered across the kitchen / living room, but hope to have it back together this weekend and that car back on the road in March. Could just drive that all summer. So why would I want another 60's / 70's German 4 seat convertible? When will I ever have the chance again to own a 2 stroke, 3 cylinder, column shifted 4 speed, FWD roadster? Since there were only 2730 built in 1964/65 it is unlikely. Current asking price is $1800, but I have yet to investigate the condition. Missing parts and rust are a major turn-off, but any other rebuilding is not to scary.

Does anyone have experience with these old DKW / Audi chassis? Random interneting showed that they were related to the Wartburg, but not much other knowledge besides one that was on and sold for $10,000. Run away, run towards it, get a life?

BoxheadTim SuperDork
2/15/12 9:58 p.m.

Wartburg basically got the DKW production stuff in East Germany, while DKW continued in West Germany. So yeah, they're kinda related but not that much.

The main issues is going to be a two stroke engine that sat since '89 - that's a rebuild right there. I wouldn't even bother trying to get it to run, the seal will be dry and dead by now. Spares situation is likely to be dire, especially outside Germany.

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