Duke UltimaDork
1/3/14 1:48 p.m.

In a previous thread, Keith had this to say:

Keith wrote: I've been running non- sanctioned events for years. It's easy. Contact K&K for insurance. No matter who you go to, they'll be the ones underwriting so just skip the middleman. Get some cones and a venue and you're done. Insurance is easy. You just have to put down a $1500 deposit, and that goes towards your premiums for the next 12 months. You're basically committing to $1500 worth of insurance. A one-day autox will run you $282 of that, so you should run at least 6 events a year to get the most of your cash.

Brandywine Motorsport Club, our local group, has been running 4 events per year for about the last 10 years (after a few years' hiatus). We had been hosting our events in conjunction with the local PCA chapter. Basically, we did the work, PCA provided the insurance through their national club coverage, and we split the gate revenue between the two clubs.

For 2014 PCA is changing their insurance to specifically prohibit this kind of arrangement. We need to find an alternate insurance, or else abandon our program and just call it the PCA autocross. Don't wanna do that since the participants are about 70% BMC and the volunteers are about 100% BMC.

K&K has upped their minimum to $2500. At $1500 per year we might have made it work. $2500, forget it. Also, they prohibit spectators and we always have some.

Anybody have any other sources? Thanks!

icaneat50eggs HalfDork
1/3/14 2:24 p.m.

Prohibit spectators? That's weird

moxnix Reader
1/3/14 2:45 p.m.

You may want to check how they define spectators. Most SCCA autox events are defined as non-spectator events. This means everybody signed the waiver. You have driving and non-driving participants but no spectators.

Duke UltimaDork
1/3/14 2:50 p.m.

OK, I'll look into that. I know from skimming their information that they want a submitted crowd control plan and photos of the installed fence / barrier separating the observers from the course. Seems like a PITA, frankly. The PCA's insurance had guidelines we needed to follow, and post-event debriefing forms, but nothing like that.

DaveEstey UltraDork
1/3/14 2:57 p.m.

We use K&K and they're not bad to work with. Define everybody as a driver or worker at the event.

The solution to your not meeting the minimum is to hold more events!

Duke UltimaDork
1/3/14 3:04 p.m.

We already make everyone on site sign a waiver, even as an observer.

My problem with holding more events is that we need at least double the number of events, and I don't think we can swing that. Plus we have lot rent and other expenses. If it weren't for the minimum cover charge, I could make $300 per event work, because that's about what we were profit-sharing with the PCA.

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